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World’s First African Smartphone

By Maraphones | March 27, 2019

The world’s first African smartphone has arrived! This smartphone has all the latest technology and something more than what we find in the average smartphone. It presents not one but two models of affordable, high-performance, and high-quality phones. We would like to introduce the Mara Z and Mara X smartphones, each having lots of identical features and some that are specific only to that phone. Here we check them to see which would be a suitable phone for your individual use.

One is Android One (Z) and the Other is Android Go (X)

 Here they stand out from all other phones in a comparable price range because they use Android One OS. This is Google’s standard for smartphones and they have pledged their support to this platform for another two years at least. Plus, you get a whole range of Google goodies that change the way you operate your phone. The good thing is that no phone company using this OS can alter it so it remains secure.

Other than the Google Photos and Google Assistant, you also have security updates for three years. There is minimal bloatware so that the phone has a clean appearance. You can store unlimited videos and photos on Google Photos and access them through the cloud. It is a wonderful way to keep your memories safe in an accessible place. You also get all the other Google services.

Use the Google Assistant to unlock your phone and help you with operations. You can set priority for background activity to minimize data usage or to maximize the functioning of apps to the fullest. You also get plenty of other things when you buy android smartphone online but these features are the best there is.

Basic Features of the Phones

The phone is for communication and the Mara phones make sure you have a neat space for storing your contacts. Even the message box has advanced features with vibrating alert and caller ID. The clock has all the needed functions such as Alarm Clock, World Clock, and the regular Clock. You also have a Countdown Timer and a Chronometer.

Both phones come with Motion Sensor and an Accelerometer. They also have a Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, and a Magnetic Sensor. The Mara Z has an additional eCompass.

Memory Space for Mara Z and Mara X

The phones come with sufficient memory allocation to ensure users have good space to store and use their apps. Mara X has 16GB memory with 1GB RAM while Mara Z has 32GB memory and 3GB RAM. Since you have the latest Android 8.1 on the phones, you can easily delete bloatware if it finds its way to the phone. All you need is Android 4.2 or better to do this. Lock screen widgets and gesture typing were introduced with this version. Now, with Android 8.1 (8.0 for Mara Z – we have Picture in Picture with resizable windows) we get dimming of navigation buttons that are not in use and Automatic Light and Dark themes. So you buy best android phone when you choose Mara Phones.

For Your Entertainment

Both the phones are capable of playing WAV, MP3, eAAC+ formats. You can also record AMR, 3GP, and Ogg formats. Add your song collection to the Music Library for easy access. Then, there is the Google Drive for better storage. You may download new apps and games from the Google Play Store. There is an FM radio available so you can listen to songs on the radio on Mara Z. You only have mono speakers. On Mara Z, you can access Mobil TV, Facebook Video, and YouTube Video. On Mara X, you have YouTube Go. Both have a Microphone port and an earphone socket.

Battery and Location

You have a more powerful, removable battery on Mara X (3500 mAh). For the Mara Z, the battery has 3075 mAh capacity and is non-removable. Both are Li-Po batteries.

Both phones have identical features for determining the location. There is a digital compass to help you determine which way to go when you trek or hike. The Wi-Fi helps you stay connected to the internet. You also have an A-GPS Compatible GPS Satellite Connection that tells your position anywhere you go.

Important Aspects of the Cameras

They have f 2.0 Diaphragm Back Cameras with 13MP autofocus feature. The front camera is f 2.2 Diaphragm 13MP for Mara Z and 5MP for Mara X. You can use the Geotagging mode to fix the location where you take the pictures. All photographs are in Portrait mode with the Bokeh effect. The Bokeh effect creates a circular soft focus area around the subject. This makes the photograph look special. The Touch Focus helps you set the camera and make it ready to take the snap. They have HDR and PDAF modes for better resolution. You can take photos in Beauty mode and Night mode. Mara X also has a Panorama mode. Mara Z has slow motion and Auto HDR. You can also use the Dual recording and temporal noise reduction to make the photographs better.

Connection Features of the Phones

 The connectivity speed is 4.5G. Mara X has Cat 4 Download speeds of 150 Mbps and Upload 50 Mbps. Mara Z has Cat 7 Download speed of 300 Mbps and Cat 13 Upload of 150 Mbps. They also have VoLTE, ViLTE, and VoWiFI connectivity. The Bluetooth connection is 4.2 multiple A2DP connections. You can synchronize contacts between Gmail and your connection server.

Make sure you clear unwanted files using a Cleaner app. Though it will not give you much extra space, it will help keep the smartphone running smoothly. Check the App list and delete those you never use.

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