Covid-19 Increased The Amount Of Time Spent On Smartphone
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Why has COVID-19 increased the amount of time spent on Android smartphones?

| April 25, 2020

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Why has COVID-19 increased the amount of time spent on Android smartphones?

With people being confined to their homes due to the ongoing lockdown, there has been a never seen before surge in smartphone usage. The time spent using smartphones has increased by 6.2 percent, which means a jump of about 1.5 hours as per the recent data brought to light by Nielsen and Broadcast Audience Research Council of India. The time spent on the video-on-demand applications has also seen a surge by three percent. What is even more interesting is that, with minor differences in the percentages, this increase in the time spent on smartphones is being witnessed across metros, mini-metros, and towns.

Being stuck in the house with nowhere to go, people are increasingly turning to their trusted smartphones to keep themselves busy. But, are the smartphones coming up as only a means to keep them busy, or is there more to it than that?

Let’s find out some of the reasons why COVID-19 has increased the amount of time spent on Android smartphones.

The only way to keep in touch with everyone you know

All the people that you met almost every day or at least once in a week, right from your neighborhood friends to your colleagues, are nowhere to be seen for days now. And, the situation, as it seems, is going to be like for quite a while.

Perhaps, the age-old adage of ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’ has never been felt as acutely by anyone as it is being realized at present. In such a situation, the only way people to stay connected is by texting, calling, and video calling through their Android smartphones.

Having the latest news about COVID-19 on your fingertips

The media has been working round the clock to offer us the latest occurrences in the world in light of the present situation. From the way things are shaping up in your country to how nations across the world are fighting the battle: everything is just a click away with the latest Android smartphones in your possession.

It is natural for people to be glued to their phones at present, while taking stock of the current situation and trying to find hope in these difficult times.

The endless hours of scrolling through social media

Now, when you are done calling all your friends and checking the latest news updates, what do you do? You simply log on to social media to check up on how all your virtual friends are doing amidst the nationwide lockdown.

Social media has always been a rather interesting place for whiling the time away, and that has increased manifold by now. Right from taking part in the multiple social media challenges doing the rounds now to trying your hand at the latest coffee everyone is talking about, there’s a lot to do on social media to keep the boredom away.

The availability of ample time to Netflix and chill

All those TV shows and movies that were never watched because of the time crunches of a busy day are now being binged watched by people sitting at home.

With a high-end smartphones like Mara phones that come with long battery life and the clarity of Dolby audio, hours of Netflix and chill has now become easier than ever. After all, it’s all about keeping yourself occupied, which has led to this sudden surge in the use of Android smartphones.

The bottom line

Smartphones have always been held as the device that brings the world to your fingertips, and that is being felt more intensely now than ever before. With the nations going on lockdowns, our smartphones are the only thing keeping us connected.

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