What Should The User Check While Buying A Smartphone?
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What Should The User Check While Buying A Smartphone?

By Maraphones | June 21, 2019

The Smartphone market is quite narrow and highly competitive these days. Since many companies have entered to market, this high competition has led to consumers benefit. So, often, as a result, the buyer is for choice. As there are a number of phones available in the same price range, different companies are often fighting for your attention. Often, it is mostly a war between a big commerce brand and a new rivaling homegrown company. People often choose sides depending on the value of the money they get while buying the products of that company.

A company that has created a name for itself over the years sells products that lack the latest technology or hardware. They make up for by having a big brand image. However, their rivals often look to dazzle their customers with the devices they offer. Such companies offer the latest devices, packed with the newest operating system and next-gen hardware. These features are often enough to lure the customers into buying such value smartphones.

If you are looking to buy new android mobile, then there are certain things you should check while reviewing your best option.

  1. Battery Life

    An ideal phone must have long battery life. Even though the battery life of a phone depends upon how it is used, a phone must have a heavy battery. The more the power rating of the battery, the longer would be its battery backup. Typically, phones with large display often have large, heavy batteries since more power is consumed in running large displays. Any phone that has a battery excess of 3000 mAh is on par with today’s standards. As a normal user uses his phone for a variety of reasons, a heavy battery allows them to do so. If you use your phone for social networking or just messaging, it would give you a longer standby time. On the other hand, if you use it for gaming, it might only be able to work for 5-7 hours.

  1. No heating issue

    Most phones that come with a heavy battery also get heated up fast. As more power is used, more heat is generated by the inner peripherals of the phone. A phone that gets heat up quickly can be dangerous, as phones are often reported to blast. Most phones these days in today’s market are safe, as they are heavily tested and often designed with utmost design, like Mara Phones.

  1. Latest hardware

    The phone that you are looking to buy must offer decent hardware. As hardware is the main brain of the phone, it should be of good quality. Usually, the companies offer cheap phones with a good camera or display, but they compromise on the processor, i.e. hardware of the phone. A phone with good hardware would be able to perform many tasks simultaneously. So, you can just jump for watching a video to having a nice conversation with your friends, open a new app to order food or surf the internet. Most phones in today’s markets have decent hardware. They are equipped with Snapdragon or MediaTek processors. Even though the performance of most of such processors is similar, the processors that equipped in Mara Phones are the best. They are often of supreme quality that allows the phone to handle various apps simultaneously, while not heating.

  1. Latest Operating System

    Smartphones, much like computers and laptops, are powered by operating systems. OS, as it is popularly called, define the core functioning of the phone. The way your phone shuts on, off, its animations, etc. are all controlled by the phone’s OS. Most phones these days come installed with Android operating system. Android is an open sourced operating system licensed by Google. Even though Android has many versions, most phones come installed with a version that is often one or two years old. So, while buying a phone, make sure you are buying the phone with the latest software. This will allow your phone to stay up-to-date with the latest technology in the coming years.

  1. Protecting covering

    Most companies these days provide their phones with some form of protective covering. This covering may protect the screen from scratches and finger spots while a back cover might help dissipate heat evenly or provide a firmer grip. Gorilla Glass is one of the world’s leading phone protective glass. It protects the phone from scratches that might accumulate over time. Both Mara X and Mara Z come equipped with Gorilla Glass, so the display of your phone remains spotless.

  1. Fast Charging

    The phones these days come with the fast charging mechanism. Though not most phones have them, not high-end premier phones come equipped with fast charging. This allows you to quickly charge your phone as compared to the traditional phone charger. Fast charging helps you save time while charging roughly. The Mara X and Mara Z come with fast charging technology. The charger provided with phone charges a phone quite fast, with the battery provides enough backup for a normal day.

  1. Security

    The traditional smartphone came up with a password or pin protection. Frequently people were drawing figures on their phone screen to unlock. Though these patterns and pin were a hassle, it was always better to keep the phone secured. Mara Phones come with extra security. Their phones have advanced facial recognition technology, so you can unlock your phone by your face only. Also, the phone has a fingerprint scanner, so you can also unlock your device by the tip of your fingers. Both the methods of security provided in these phones are quite secure and fast.

Mara X and Mara Z are both technically advanced phones. They were designed keeping in the mind the phone requirements of the future phone. Installed with latest OS supported by the newest hardware.

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