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Upside and Downside of Encryption

By Maraphones | June 12, 2019

The importance of encryption is universally known since it is the bottom line of our digital security. When one encrypts data, it gets coded into another set of data that can make sense only if one has the corresponding key. When you encrypt data and have the key, you can control sensitive information so that it helps secure personal data. 

Downside of encryption

There are instances when encryption is not practical. One instance would be the way it slows down smartphones, computers, and other devices too such an extent that it renders them unusable. This situation changed with the onset of Adiantum, it is the spirit guiding the Safer Internet Day.

Working of Adiantum

We can use Adiantum on smart devices and phones and it is a form of encryption. It can be used on devices without any special hardware but uses the current methods to provide an efficient means of encrypting data. So, all the devices in the next generation will be more secure and run faster, giving safety to the next billion or so users. Adiantum will allow encryption for every digital device use from simple smartwatches to complicated medical devices. There are millions of applications for this app that protects sensitive data. 

Uniformity across all devices

What one hopes for is that Adiantum will become the great equalizer for all devices. It will be like the text messaging one expects in every phone. You will now have the best safety in all devices that has your personal data on it. There will be privacy and security for all people on earth, without consideration of the price tag.

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