Unlock the Online Gaming Potentials with Mara Phones
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Unlock the Online Gaming Potentials with Mara Phones

| July 18, 2019

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest-growing industries with a (projected) 30 percent compound (annual revenue) growth rate. Gaming applications (primarily online gaming) have gradually become one of the leading entertainment features on smartphones, accounting for more than 32% of the global game market.

Due to the rapid development of mobile technology, smartphone gaming compels for an in-depth exploration. This article is going to focus on a few such factors and how Mara Phone innovatively ascertaining those factors with its smart gaming phones.


Mobile games and social elements are original features in digital gaming today. Social networking sites are integrated and used across several gaming platforms.

Mara Phones Progressing Landscape

Playing mobile games have been popular for a long time; however, it hasn’t got much mainstream attention. But, the Mara smartphones are designed to support gaming too. They are intended for graphically intensive games like Vainglory, Shadowgun Legends, PUBG Mobile, etc. Mara smartphone space smartly manages the big audience.

The impressive features of Mara Z: 5.7 “ HD+ Corning Gorilla Glass Display with Lightning Fast Octa-Core Processor are meant to support the best. They not only have high-end hardware but also have Ultramotion supporting features that adjust the frame rate with the screen’s refresh rate.

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  • Mara phones technology enables users to enjoy gaming as a shared activity, transforming them with better immersive and experiential gaming.
  • Mobile online gaming holds the abilities to feature in-depth stories, characters, and massive online 3D worlds immerse with augmented reality and virtual reality.
  • Mara smartphones are capable of handling all such seamless functionalities effortlessly. Its touchscreen has changed the perception of the people. Thanks to its high-level features of accessibility and portability.

Given the graphical abilities and processing power, Mara phones are advancing beyond boundaries of innovation.

The rise of mobile gaming boosts e-sports events and tournaments. The publishers and developers of the games host several official tournaments. And, such trends are growing. Exhibiting smartphones capabilities that handle intensive media games falls under an excellent marketing scheme.

  • Mara Phones make things easier for gamers who spend hours on online gaming. It equips better internal cooling setups and other essential features that make it stand out.
  • Mara smartphones certainly look promising with its unique features and improved gaming performance at affordable pricing.

The popular games like PUBG and Fortnite encouraged us to chase the trend. To play these games, one will need a high-quality device like Mara Phones with top-tier specs, sharp displays, and long battery life. Consider Mara phones processor and GPU speeds, RAM size, and other odds and ends maintaining the best visuals and performance for the further coming games over the years.

Let’s observe the factors for which Mara phone is becoming the ultimate gaming smartphone.

Here are the top benefits:

Any online game played on Mara smartphone is sure to run faster, smoother, and with no frame drops. For example, PUBG Mobile on Mara smartphone can snappily run with HDR graphics and ultra-frame rate settings.

  • It has a stable battery life with terrific power required to play games.
  • Holds cutting edge security features like on-screen face recognition and fingerprint scanner.
  • For any online gamer, speed is the prime factor. Mara smartphone can run titles like Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile, and Asphalt 9 with ease.
  • Its customize ways of gaming imbibe essential touch-sensitive buttons that make air triggers superb.
  • The phone equipped with a cooling system consists of a carbon cooling pad and a copper heat dissipation unit. Also, 3D vapor chambers with improved CPU cooling efficiency augmenting gaming experience.
  • The game-centric features make Mara phones a perfect phone for online-savvy gamers. The gamers will have an advantage over the competition as they can see clearly with more frames per second.
  • Its next-generation modern aesthetic features are capable of delivering smooth gaming performance with most gaming titles.
  • It is also capable of providing VR content with the Daydream View headset with a bonus of extended battery life that makes it easy to game on the go.
  • Highly power saving with quality graphics at low power with high frame rates that needs a specialized engine and the GPU.
  • Controls gameplay execution keeps everything in sync, optimizing performance.
  • Mara smartphone’s custom-designs possess a family of low power, complete programmable GPUs designed for optimal mobile gaming performance.
  • It has a cinema-quality sound effect with, efficient audio processing in-sync with the graphics.
  • If comprises of fast connectivity with multiplayer gaming abilities.
  • It is highly responsive (with accurate controls supporting multiple inputs).
  • It also holds a consistent gaming experience, across various tiers (with smart system resource management and memory bandwidth capabilities).

Mara phones support advanced capabilities and features comprising vision-based augmented reality, biometrics, proximal peer-to-peer networking, and more.

Altogether, the Mara phones immersive design transforms the gaming arena taking the gaming experience to the next level with ease.


Consumer demands for online-gaming on mobile devices are rapidly growing, generating strong momentum and opportunity for gaming users. The Mara phones offer smart gaming supportive ecosystem is all capable of supporting immersive gaming experience on a global scale.

Take advantage of Mara smartphone capabilities. Its advanced technologies with purpose-built processors and custom designs will provide enhanced gaming experiences. Re-invent your mobile world with Mara smartphones today.

The growth online gaming industry got influenced by smartphones in multiple ways. It is attracting many gamers irrespective of demographic barriers, altogether fuelling game innovations.  The new-generation Mara phones have been game-changers in the real sense redefining the way player perceive and play games in modern times.

Are you looking for one of your share and happy gaming on your mainstreams?

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