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Trending Features That Every Android Smartphone Must Have

| February 17, 2020

Trending smartphone features

Given the breakneck pace at which modern technology is evolving, it should not come as a surprise if the phone you bought two years ago doesn’t make the cut anymore. So, let go of that old phone of yours, and gift yourself the latest smartphone in the market.

But, before you do that,

Take a look at the top four trending features that every Android smartphone needs to have.

High-definition cameras

High-definition cameras are the in-thing these days for the simple reason that they offer a way of balancing the constraints of smartphone photography.

Nowadays, the quality of the camera is one thing that you should not compromise with because of the multiple great options available in the latest models of smartphones. Even the front cameras these days offer great picture quality and improve the clarity of your selfies. 

Full vision displays

Infinity displays, full vision displays, or 18:9 displays, whatever you call them, there is no denying the popularity they are getting in Android smartphones of different price range. The displays let the manufacturers deliver bigger phone screens without affecting the design of the product.

The phones with 18:9 displays come with a narrow bezel all around the phone screen. You can have more things on your screen at the same time, and accomplish two tasks effectively on the same screen. It is also great for watching videos because you can zoom in to fit the screen or crop the video screen, as the need arises.

64 GB storage capacity

These days an Android phone is used for the widest range of tasks. As phones are being used for shopping, fitness, banking, and other general uses, the number of apps needed on it has also seen a steady rise. An average user has about twenty-five apps in his phone. Thus, the days of having 16 GB storage are long gone.

Furthermore, the performance of a smartphone suffers as well when the memory storage of it is filled to the top. Thus, even for basic use, you cannot rely on 16 GB storage. It is important to have at least 32 GB storage for the best results. Good news is that several affordable smartphones have such high storage capacity.

Fast charging

In this fast-paced world, no one has the time to let the smartphone sit on the charging station for hours. The battery of your smartphone has to get charged up fast and retain the charge for a long time.

The slim designs do not let the manufacturers put in huge batteries, and thus, even for them the fastest Android phone in terms of charging is the only alternative they can offer in this situation.

With the fast charging feature in Mara Phones, it gets charged up to 50%  in 30 minutes!

So, the next time you buy a smartphone, make sure that it ticks the boxes as mentioned above!



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