3 Easy Steps To Transfer Your Data From iOS To Android Phone
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3 Easy Steps To Switch And Transfer Your Data From Ios To Android Smartphones

| April 19, 2020

Data-Transfer Ios to Android


3 Easy Steps To Switch And Transfer Your Data From Ios To Android Smartphones

So, after much thought and deliberation, you made the switch from iOS to Android. Well, it’s a good decision after all, given the fact that Android enjoys the highest popularity among all mobile operating systems in the world. Besides, with the latest models of top smartphones like Mara Phones offering all the features that you can hope for, and that too, at an affordable price, there’s no reason to stick to iOS anymore.

But, what about transferring all the data between iOS and Android? It seems like a tedious task, isn’t it? Well, it’s not, as the simple steps given below will offer you all the help you need in this regard.

Transferring photos, contacts, and calendar

Let’s start the data transfer with the easiest step, which is to take these three things from iOS to Android.

All you need to do is start by installing the Google Drive app on your iPhone, and sign in to it using your main Google account. It’s okay if you don’t have a Google account because the app will help you create one right then.

Go to the menu of the Drive app on the iPhone, and choose ‘Backup’ from ‘Settings.’ You can choose to move the entire thing to your new phone or select a few areas. Simply tap the ‘Start Backup’ option for moving the entire thing, or select the ones you want to move and click the button. The app will take it up from there.

Transferring the emails from iPhone

For Gmail users:

There is not much to do here. Sign in to your new Android phone using the Google account that is associated with the Gmail address you use. Your mail will come automatically in the Gmail app in Android.

If you use multiple Gmail accounts and want to access all of them on your Android phone, go to the app settings of Gmail and click on the option that says ‘Add account.’ Follow all the steps that come after and the other accounts will be synced, as well.

For the Apple mail users:

Once more, simply add your account in the Gmail app on the Android phone. Well, the steps are slightly different in this case. After choosing to ‘Add account’ from settings, as mentioned before, you will have to tap on the ‘Other’ line. Type your apple mail address and choose ‘Personal (IMAP).’ You will be prompted to put the different mail servers’ settings as offered on the support site of Apple.

Transferring the apps to Android from iOS

There’s one good news and one bad news that you need to know about transferring the apps. The bad news is that the iPhone apps will not transfer automatically to Android, and the apps that you had paid for earlier will have to be bought again for Android.

Now, the good news is that nowadays most of the major apps are available for both iOS and Android. After setting up with your new device, the app data and the apps will get synced with the Google servers automatically. The same thing will follow for all Android devices you purchase in the future.

Take some time to check the Google Play Store through a web browser or your new phone. Look for all the apps that you need. After installing an app on your Android phone, it will ask you to sign in. Use the same email ID or username that you had earlier used for your iPhone, and you will not lose any data.

So, that’s it! You have successfully transferred your important data from iOS to Android. It’s time to flaunt that new phone to the world

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