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A Quick Tips to Save Your Mobile Data

| July 15, 2020

A Quick Tips to Save Your Mobile Data - Mara Phones

A Quick Tips to Save Your Mobile Data

Let’s face it: mobile data is pretty expensive. And, it’s not even exhausted by our direct usage. In fact, mobile data gets finished quicker than you think by many performance issues and apps that drain data without the user having any inkling about it.

But, you don’t want to have a hole burned into your pocket because your smartphone apps have become data-hungry. So, read on to know a couple of quick tips that will really come in handy for saving your mobile data.

1. Set Data Usage Limits On Certain Apps

You can save data in the long run by setting limits on data usage by certain apps. All you will need to do is disable the feature that lets apps use data while running in the background, even when you are not using those apps. Check the app data settings on your phone, and change the data usage limits for the apps you want.

2. Always Use Wi-fi To Update The Apps

Another effective way of reducing excessive data consumption is by disabling automatic app updates in Google Play Store. Go to the Play Store Settings and disable ‘Auto-update apps.’ Select auto-update over Wi-Fi only, and that’s it. This way, your apps will not start updating suddenly without your notice and use up all your data.

3. Cache Google Maps To Be Used Offline

Did you know that maps can be saved on Google Maps for offline use? Caching the maps will save you both data and time. In fact, after downloading the map, you also have the option to navigate in offline mode using your phone’s GPS. If you are a frequent traveler, then try this trick so that you don’t run out of data on your trips.

4. Make Your Phone Free From The Malware

It would be wrong to blame all the data used on the apps, when there can be malware hidden in your device, exhausting your data every single day. Malicious apps can suck out the bandwidth in the background, and send your valuable information to hackers, at the same time. Use a good antivirus application to regularly scan the phone to detect malware.

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5. Use The Data Compression Feature Of Chrome

Google Chrome comes with a built-in feature that helps in a significant reduction in data consumption. You will just have to turn on the data compression feature of Chrome. It will make all the traffic pass through a Google-enabled proxy, such that the data gets optimized and compressed before reaching you. It will also make the pages load faster than before.

6. Do Not Use Too Many Streaming Services

The fact is that streaming videos and music eats up more data than you can even imagine. So, it is best to avoid using streaming services as much as possible when the phone is running on mobile data. Download the images and videos when you are connected to Wi-Fi and store them on your phone. The modern smartphones like Maraphones have enough storage to hold all your music and movies, so no need to stream the content all the time.

So, now you know six useful ways to save your mobile data. Start applying all these tricks right from today, and you will notice a significant reduction in your data use for sure. Thank you later!

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