Technology Moving Ahead With the Help of Android
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Technology Moving Ahead With the Help of Android

By Maraphones | May 15, 2019

There is the next wave of technology after the internet waiting to drive us on. That is the Internet of Things and the remote control of smart devices using the smartphone. Here is what it can do:

  • Control AI with the phone

    The first example that comes to mind is the Google Assistant with which one can find directions to play music with voice control.

  • Keep abreast of technology

    Getting software and security updates is vital because an out-of-date system will not work well. Android Enterprise Recommended program has given validation for more than 80 devices that were on par with the security hardware, and software requirements. One instance is that of Android Go that works with smartphones with 1GB or lesser RAM and delivers a smooth and fast experience.

  • Updated messaging on the mobile

    It has been the effort of the Android segment of Google to deliver the Rich Communication Services (RCS) more readily available throughout the smartphone segment in partnership with companies like Telenor, Telefonica, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, America Movil, Huawei, and Samsung among others.

  • Progress with 5G

    The Users are revelling in the 5G experience in the communication and entertainment scene because of the faster communication speeds.

  • Foldable technology

    Android Smartphones are becoming smaller because it can be folded. Android is taking the next step towards empowering foldable capabilities in the smartphone. Multi-tasking could become easier with expandable screen area and you could take notes on one side while watching movies on the other side.

Android is defining capabilities that expand the horizons of technology. And, the smartphone just got smarter.

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