Strong Protection Against Phishing with Your Android Phone
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Strong Protection Against Phishing with Your Android Phone

By Maraphones | June 05, 2019

Highway robbery or dacoity is nothing compared to Phishing. There is a breed of talented Phishing agents who can wriggle out the personal details out from an online account. That is why Google decided to make it their business to take on the Phishers and give a secure internet experience to its Android users.

Google is safety conscious

First, Google will block all kinds of malicious attempts without letup whether it is a business or a personal account. It will make things difficult for the phisher if you add another layer of security. So, even when he has your password or name, you will be safe. Two Step Verification (2SV) creates additional security for your account. The phishing agent will direct you to a false sign-in process so they can steal your password.

Physical security key

Now, Google has the physical Titan Security Key based on FIDO standards that they consider as the best protection against phishing ever. User will need to tap the key if they notice anything suspicious and there is an unrecognized attempt to sign in.

Use the phone for security

The next level of security is on already. This is the phone that acts as your security key (you need to have at least the Android 7.0+ installed). You will need a Chrome browser with Bluetooth installed or Chrome browser with Mac OS or a Windows 10 installed.

First, open the Google account using your phone. Enable 2SV protection and click on “Add Security Key” using your computer. Pick out your phone from the available devices list you see. Be sure to make a backup of the key in case you lose your phone.

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