Best Way To Engage Your Remote Team Through Mobile Phone
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Remote Meetings? What’s The Best Way To Connect Through Mobile?

| June 08, 2020

Remote Meetings and Connectivity

Best Way To Connect Through Mobile

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon the world a situation where remote working has become the new normal. As working from home becomes a necessity to flatten the curve, people are looking for better ways to keep the workflow going smoothly. With that insight, there is an attempt to find the facilities to make interactions and meetings with colleagues easier.

Remote meetings have become the way to stay in touch for both large organizations and SMEs. And, there are several services on our mobiles that can ensure a stable connection for an uninterrupted virtual meeting.

On that note, let’s take a look at the best ways to connect through mobiles for virtual meetings.

Things To Consider When Connecting Through Mobiles

Before discussing the best ways to connect for your remote meetings, it’s important to understand the three factors on which your choice depends:

  • Cost
  • Privacy
  • Ease of communication

In this case, cost refers to both the charges incurred for a voice call and the data spent on video calls. Privacy entails the security of your conversations in the meeting and the details discussed therein. Finally, the ease of communication simply refers to the viability of a method based on a particular type of meeting.

The Best Ways To Connect For Virtual Meetings

Keeping the aforementioned points in mind, there are three major ways to connect for remote meetings using your mobiles.

Voice Calls Dial Out:

A voice call is the easiest way to connect with your colleagues, employees, or employer. In terms of costs, a voice call from your handset is based on the existing contract package you have. Make sure to check what cost you are incurring per second/minute now, and buy additional minute bundles, if necessary.

Privacy is not much of an issue with voice calls, but a greater concern is the ease of communication. You really cannot discuss everything over conference calls and face-to-face communication becomes necessary.

Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp voice calls are cheaper than voice calls.

Voice Calls Via Whatsapp Or Facebook Messenger:

Making voice calls via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp is cheaper than voice calls dial out. A straight voice call using either of these two options would require you to spend about 0.5 MB to 0.15 MB per minute, which makes it highly cost-effective.

But, privacy is a matter of concern in this case. Some customers or employees might not want to reveal the details of their Facebook profiles or engage with the mobile numbers they use. In such a situation, you will have to switch to video calling options.

Video Calls Through Google Hangouts Or Skype:

The most popular services for conferencing through mobiles has to be Google Hangouts and Skype. Based on the video quality chosen, the number of participants in a single call, and the quality of the camera, the data consumption can be anywhere around 5 to 25 MB per minute.

You also need a really good camera on your phone to get clarity on your video calls. For instance, having a high-end camera like you get on Mara phones, along with high-speed internet, can be a major plus when video conferencing using phones.

The Bottom Line

Though Google Hangouts and Skype are the best options for remote meetings, it is best to rely on subscription-based services like Webex or Zoom, if the meetings generally consist of too many people. So, evaluate your options and compare your costs before choosing the right way for your virtual meetings.

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