Reasons Why You Should Choose Android Over IOS
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Reasons Why You Should Choose Android Over iOS Without Any Doubt

| February 02, 2020

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Android Over IOS

When you think of owning a smartphone these days, you’re basically faced with two options: the Android phones and the iPhones. These are the two top selling OS available in the market, and choice between them is actually not that hard! The fact that Android has a market share of 74.45%, as opposed to  22.85% of the iOS should make the choice amply clear to you.

So, are you looking for a reason to choose Android over iOS? Let’s give you four reasons why you should do it!

There is something for everyone

With Android, there is something for everyone. There are countless manufacturers, and they all have the liberty to modify and use this open source platform as and how they deem right. Top names in the smartphone business are working round the clock to bring to you the best new Android phones that meet your specific necessities.

On the other hand, there are about nineteen iPhone models till now. The specifications are same for most of them, with resolution and size being the only differences. Versatility is not the strong forte of iOS.

Androids are comparatively less expensive

All of the iOS devices are super-expensive, and upgrading to the next one means burning a hole in your pocket. Imagine if you accidentally break your iPhone! You’ll have the same, or even more, money once again to get another one.

However, you will always get something within your budget when you buy Android smartphones. There is a wide range of devices with different specifications and designs that you get to choose from without breaking your bank.

The options for customization

The latest Android phones give users and manufacturers the opportunity to customize their phones as per their preferences. The on-screen appearance can be changed as and how you want. So, from home screen widgets, keyboards, to applications everything can be altered. The manufacturers even have their customized versions of OS for delivering a better experience.

Apple, in contrast, has the default option set in the phones. You can change the theme, background, and even put some widgets on the home screen, but that’s just where it all ends. This little customization is not enough given the money you have spent after it.

The real multitasking options

Now, you might be thinking that even iPhones can multitask easily. Of course, you can switch between applications, and go back and forth doing tasks, run tasks in the background, and so on, with iPhones. Is that what multitasking is all about?

But, with Android you get the multi-window, where you can take a look at two different applications on the device at the same time. You can interact with both of these applications seamlessly. And, that’s true multitasking, which Apple is yet to offer you!

The choice is clear: it’s Android over iOS any day! Billions of users have embraced the OS, and there is no reason for you to choose any differently.

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