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New, Affordable Smartphone under the Android One Program

By Maraphones | March 15, 2019

Everyone wants a smartphone these days and there is enough choice given that a new brand of phones is coming up in the market daily. The latest is the Mara Phone that is being released is in Africa. It is an affordable and stylish phone with all the latest features one could want in a smartphone. There are two variants for this phone Mara X and Mara Z. Here, we will see the specific features of the Mara X phone.

Operating System of Mara X

Mara X has the Android Oreo Operating System. This is one of the latest Android One OS released by Google. Android One is a stable version of the basic operating system and no smartphone manufacturer can make changes to it. Further, it has all the latest features and updates. Google has promised security updates for the next three years and software update for the next two years for the Android One. This alone makes it one of the most wanted operating systems around. This is the GO Edition that is the most powerful OS for all entry-level smartphones. (Only Android 9 Pie is more current than this OS).

Android Oreo Go is slated on basic smartphones with 512MB to 1GB RAM and takes up very little space. This allows smartphones good operating space so users can upload more apps and media for their use. It is seen that smartphones with Android Go open apps 15% faster than those without this OS. Most of the latest Android Mobile Go smartphones have an 8GB or 16GB capacity.

Apps You Get with Android Go

There is a whole list of apps you get with Android Go. This includes Gmail Go, YouTube Go, and Files Go. Everyone is familiar with Gmail and this version of Gmail Go is a lighter version that is just as fast. This is the basic app you need to send and receive messages. YouTube Go is a similar newer version of the conventional site for viewing and sharing videos online and offline. Files Go is a files management app that cleans up files and makes suggestions for efficient file management. It makes it easier to find files and makes your browsing much simpler.

Other Apps Available

Google Assistant Go is a fast and lightweight app that has all the needed features of Google Assistant. You can talk to your Google Assistant to open files or do common tasks that you do by typing in the command. Slower phones benefit from this but many key features that you find on the regular Assistant will not be there. You can make calls, send text messages, ask for weather information, and get feedback on general information from Google. They do not have controls for smart home devices or support “Hey Google” and “Ok Google.”

The other big thing in this list is the Google Go app that is again lightweight and allows users to control entry-level usage devices. You can search the internet and use a tap-first instead of type and search function. Next, it is only 5MB in size so it uses 40% lesser data. Most importantly, it allows the user to switch between languages. Along with this, you have the Maps Go, the helps you locate the nearby landmarks and the place where you are at when you travel. All the Google Go apps are as much as 50% smaller and give you the same rich experience of the regular apps.

Wonderful Cameras for Taking Photographs

Mara X has dual HD cameras – Selfie camera is 5MP and the rear camera is 13MP. It offers face beautifying features for making your picture more attractive. Also, one may use the Bokeh effect to create a halo around the subject. Its HDR feature gives you fantastic, clear pictures under all types of situations. It has touch focus that allows you to instantly focus and take pictures, a feature many photography fanatics will love. You may also geo-tag your photographs so you keep a record of where and when you took those snaps. You can set your photographs for Beauty Mode, Night Mode, or Panorama Mode.

Good Clear Display

It has an ultra-high-definition display 5.5 inches across with an aspect ratio of 18:9. The screen resolution is 720 x 1440 pixels. It is covered by an impact resistant 5.5 inch Corning Gorilla Glass screen to give you an impeccable viewing experience.

Fingerprint Sensor and Facial Recognition

You can lock your phone and unlock it using your fingerprint making it very secure. And, just point your camera to your face and it will recognize you instantly. By downloading an app to use with your fingerprint scanner, you can selectively lock apps that you personally use such as WhatsApp, Calendar, Email, and Photos, while allowing free access to the other commonly used apps like games, Google search, and YouTube. You can also make making purchases on Google Play Store that much faster if you have your fingerprint stored and no one else, including the children, know about it. Your phone can recognize you despite changes in lighting conditions, pose, and facial expressions because of the use of highly advanced miniature 3D sensors combined with the latest technology. Since facial features are measured by depth, you cannot fool a smartphone using a photograph.

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