Mobile Phone Should Support How Many Megapixels Camera?
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Mobile Phone Should Support How Many Megapixels Camera?

| August 29, 2019

Purchase any smartphone, one of the featured highlights will be the megapixel check of the cameras that pleases the device.

Megapixels have turned into a definitive measure of a camera. Everyone prefers a better, higher-quality device. Isn’t that so?

Let’s peek into the realities of these factors?

According to experts, the megapixel resolution of the camera is merely a barometer of how big an image one can shoot. It is not the actual parameter to justify the image quality. They have a few observations:

  • More the pixel counts, the wider will be the canvas, where one can stretch the image. Therefore, 12MP/13MP is sufficient for all practical purposes.
  • Stuffing more pixels in a tiny smartphone sensor shrinks the size of individual pixels.
  • Without supporting software, this may lead to loss of dynamic range, especially in dim light.
  • Usually, a high sensor resolution cameras provide software more data to work with, this is how OEMs overcome photography limitations on phones.
  • The 48MP sensors equip quad-Bayer filter, they are designed for 12MP images, supporting 48MP bragging rights.

Generally, the front “selfie” camera possesses a lower megapixel count than the camera at the rear of the smartphone. It is because of the camera position (closer to face) at the front in comparison to taking shots at the rear.

However, megapixels are a measure of quantity, not quality, like calories.

Quality is a complicated issue that depends on a camera’s optics, picture sensor design and structure, firmware, and its pixels. However, not megapixel counts.

  • The image sensor of the camera contains the array of pixels containing buckets that collect photons (i.e., light).

One needs a specific number of megapixels based on the best approach to share the photo. The number of calories (in meals) cannot convey much about nutrition. Similarly, the number of pixels in a camera cannot communicate much about the nature of the captured image.

Then, how many megapixels camera one should prefer?

The critical consideration is the purpose of use (how and where factor one intends to display them).

It’s practical to print lower-megapixel photos at bigger sizes. However, a higher megapixel count enables more comfortably print A4 or poster-sized images because there’s less “resizing” and “stretching,” where one expected to grow the picture to the ideal size.

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Let’s understand it with a quick example. 

If one shoots a photo of a flying bird that is far away, then, one might get one shot with a 16MP camera incorporating shot with 4920 by 3264 pixels in it. However, the bird might be the main point of interest in the entire shoot. A wide blue sky one may not want. With the traditional camera (with optical zoom), one may zoom in to make the bird a focal point.

  • Executing the same with a digital zoom might cut down the image from 3008 by 2000 pixels, making it bird focused ending up effectively a 6 MP photo from 16 MP original camera. Wherein, one can crop in closer to 2048 by 1536 and attain even closer shot of the bird at 3MP resolution. Even with such cropping, the expected image quality and objective retains. If one uses phones with a less powerful camera, this becomes a big issue. For instance, with a 3MP camera, cropping of an image would bring the resolution qualitatively down and blurred with no useful purpose.
  • Larger megapixel images got to store its entire pixels somewhere hence needs space (memory). In case, one is a pro shooter from a smartphone. Then one needs to set up a considerable space to handle this constraint.
  • Usually, smartphone camera applications allow setting the megapixel count (of every shot) such that, if one is using a phone with storage (like an iPhone of any generation, (or) one of the Google’s Pixel phones), turning the resolution down on the shot saves local storage space.

It is noteworthy that the pixel phones providers like Google offers unlimited online storage to reduce the load on the local storage of the smartphone users. With Mara Phones, one can keep on clicking because of its smart camera, enabled with Google photos that get an unlimited online storage space for all images and videos.

What are the different specifications significant for the camera?

What’s imperative to acknowledge with regards to picture quality, it’s not only a numbers game.

  • A smartphone with an 8-megapixel camera may take preferred pictures over one with a 21-megapixel camera, irrespective of camera expertise.
  • That is because there’s something else entirely depends on taking pictures in an assortment of circumstances than merely a higher megapixel camera.
  • Most importantly, there’s the size of the individual pixels to mull over, particularly in case you’re shooting in low-light circumstances. Some smartphones have cameras with lower megapixel counts yet more significant individual pixel estimates inside general count.
  • It becomes an issue, in light of the fact that the capacity of every pixel is to catch the light from whatever you’re pointing the camera at. A bigger pixel size – estimated in nanometers enables all the more light to advance toward the sensor, which implies it’s increasingly touchy to light much of the time. The bigger the pixel size, the bigger the general sensor and the better the general capacities of the smartphone camera.

Software plays an important role here. Numerous smartphones offer camera applications finely tuned to the points of interest of the installed camera optics on the smartphone. It is exacerbating and preferred over different phones with a similar megapixel count.


Smartphone equips many features of a camera that can help customer achieves a better photo. It may range from the editing software to features like true tone flash, optical image stabilization, and backside illumination sensor. However, the significant factor is to get a good photo as per the user’s requirement.

Mara Phones provides a smart and wide range of popular camera features the supporting entire gamut of photographers user’s need.

Are you looking for one of your share with happy photography?

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