Meet the All-New Style Icon - Mara Z1 with 96mp SuperPixel
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Meet the All-New Style Icon – Mara Z1 with 96mp SuperPixel

| November 16, 2020

Meet the All New Style Icon Mara Z1 with 96mp SuperPixel - Mara Phones

Meet the All-New Style Icon – Mara Z1 with 96mp SuperPixel


Mara Z1- Ruling the Smartphone Industry in Style

One of the most important features that people nowadays consider before buying a phone is the quality of the camera. If you also happen to be one of those who is looking for the perfect phone that has a great camera and also exclusive features, then we have just the right phone for you. What if we told you that the perfect style icon phone is well within your reach! Brace yourselves to know which is the best affordable android phone with great camera quality? It is none other than Mara Z1 that comes with a 96mp SuperPixel camera. 

96mp SuperPixel Camera That Provides The Perfect Shots!

The 96mp SuperPixel takes rich shots and also enhances the resolution of the camera. This helps in improving the sharpness as well as reducing the noise. There are in total, 3 rear cameras that are respectively 16+2+8MP. These options make it ideal for someone to shoot pictures inside as well outside the house. One need not worry about the picture quality while shooting in natural or artificial light as the images still turn out to be extremely clear. In fact, even in night mode and low light, the pictures that you click with the Mara Z1 tend to come out extremely crisp, sharp and bright. The Smart Android phone comes with a 118.8 wide-angle lens which makes it the perfect camera to take landscape shots. 

13 MP Front Camera – Capture The Beauty In You

To all the youngsters out there who love to grab good selfies, the Mara Z1 also comes with a selfie camera that possesses a 13MP lens which helps to capture the best of selfies. So get to click selfies in any kind of lighting and get radiant, clear pictures results with Mara Phones. Plus, with a screen of 6.517 inches and HD+ Notch Screen, it is a delight to hold it in your hand as it makes you feel grand. The size of the gets even more enhanced picture quality. 

Fastest Mobile Processors

Mara Phones Z1 the smart android phone comes with a superfast processor. The phone is supported by Helio A25, the most advanced processor in the market, MTK’s Octa-Core. To top that off, the Mara Phones also come with the NFC system which makes the smartphone experience even better. 

Buy Mobile In Rwanda

If you are planning to buy a phone that gives value for money and also has a great camera, then all you need to do is get yourself the Mara Z1. If you are in Africa, and eagerly looking for buying this phone, then you shall find Mara Phones in Rwanda, Kigali, and Durban. If you are residing elsewhere, you can look us up at our online store “” and we shall be glad to serve you. No matter which corner of the world you may be from, we shall have it delivered right outside your doorstep. So what are you thinking about? Go and grab the best phone now!

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