Mara Phones Announcement Of New Devices in September 2020
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Mara Phones Announcement Of New Devices in September 2020

| August 15, 2020


Mara Z1, Mara X1, Mara S New Launch

Mara Phones Announcement Of New Devices

Mara Phones is currently selling two variants of smartphone devices – Mara Z and Mara X. The Rwandan & South African smartphone brand is gaining a lot of popularity lately and will be shining again soon, as Mara Phones will be launching three new smartphone devices – Mara Z1, Mara X1, and Mara S from the beginning of this September 2020. While Mara Z1 is the most expensive one out of the three, Mara S is the most budget-friendly. The announcement of the new devices will also allow expanded access of Mara Phones to all users who are aligned with the company’s vision of accessing technology and innovation for everyone.

Mara Phones launching three new smartphone devices – Mara Z1, Mara X1, and Mara S

Mara Z1 comes with a massive screen size with an appealing notch display. Its most noteworthy feature is its quality camera performance. Mara Z1 is fit with a 16MP+8MP+2MP triple rear camera for capturing crisp, detailed, and well-lit photographs, while it boasts a nice 13MP front camera. So, whether you take a picture using the back or the front camera, you will be impressed by Mara Z1’s performance!

Next, Mara X1 comes with an enhanced viewing experience of the user. Mara X1 features a 13MP+2MP+2MP triple rear camera as well as an 8MP front camera. The photographs captured by either of the two cameras are bright, beautiful, and detailed. Like Z1, X1 is also protected by a face and fingerprint scanner.

Lastly, Mara S is a compact and lightweight smartphone with a good choice as it offers everything a basic smartphone would. The phone features a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera. The Mara S Stands for the Sustainable Development Goals. “Leave no one behind” is the motto of the Sustainable Development Goals. It is also the guiding principle for our work towards an inclusive society.

With the camera and other features, the Mara Phones makes the experience of everything we love to do with our phones which is a smoother, easier and better way to enjoy a personalized manner for every moment of the day.


The three new smartphones, Mara Z1, Mara X1, and Mara S, by Mara, will be launching soon. These three devices aim at different price ranges but offer the best features and optimum performance in that particular price range. While Mara Z1 is competitive for premium smartphones, Mara S fulfills the need for a basic smartphone. To show your interest in these devices register your interest through this link 

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