Mara X1: A Stunning Triple Camera Capture Candid Frame
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Mara X1: A Stunning Triple Camera Capture Candid Frame

| October 26, 2020

Mara X1 Best Budget Smartphone Of South Africa In 2020

Mara X1: A Stunning Triple Camera Capture Candid Frame

Imagine it is 2022 and its Post-Corona times. Travelling has started and you too make plans with your friends to spend a vacation. The place you decide to go to is so beautiful that all you want to do is to enjoy its tranquillity and click pictures. However, you do not want to carry a heavy camera and hang it around your neck. Well, the perfect option is Mara X1 Triple Rear Camera Android Smartphone. It is the perfect phone if you are a photography lover. Why?

Triple Rear Camera

It has a lightweight design and it comes with 6.088 inches HD+ display with a beautiful notch design to give it a sleek and edgy look. It comes with a triple rear camera – 13MP + 2MP + 2MP. Out of the three, the 13 MP camera has 1.12 um and f/1.8, the 2MP Camera has the depth of field lens and another 2 MP camera comes with a Macro lens. It is not just about clicking pictures with this phone; it is all about ensuring that more details and colors are captured on your phone.

Blurry Sights – Background Blur & Sharp Focus

Mara X1 has an 8 MP front camera. In this era, you do need a smart front camera because you do not want to lag when it comes to social media. You need to upload your images and stay in the game. This front camera has a feature of background blur which will keep you in focus. No longer, the background will steak your thunder. All the beauty algorithms are present to beautify specific details such as face, skin, eyes, etc. It will diminish the appearance of blemishes and impurities for a flawless look. 

An Eye For The Details

As mentioned earlier, you need not worry if you have an eye for the detail. The microlens of Mara X1 will assist you to capture the minor details just with the single click readily available at your fingertips. You can see through your Mara Phones X1. Here are some of the modes in Mara X1 for you to choose from:

  • Backlight 
  • BlueSky
  • Portrait
  • Sunset
  • Night
  • Urban
  • Landscape
  • Greenery
  • Beach
  • Food

Lights Out In Mara X1

During night time, you can turn the super night mode on and capture the night beauty of the place you are at. You need not worry about blurriness or low light background. The night mode of Mara X1 phone has advanced algorithms to optimize the parameter to fill in light and reduce noise. This will enable you to capture excellent night scenery by Mara phones X1 in peace.

Long Battery Life With Power Saving System

We all need phones with longer battery life because we do not like to sit at the spot which is near to the charging point all the time. Mara X1 phone has a 4000mAh battery, with an advanced power-saving system and ultra-battery endurance. It is said to save the power intelligently to extend battery life. It is longer lasting and power-efficient which will automatically switch to Low Power Mode when power is lower than 15%. Hail freedom!!!

Take Secret To Your Grave

Whether you are worried about your phone being stolen or misused, do not worry, Mara X1 comes with the Face Identifications and Fingerprint Sensor that will protect your private, intimate, and confidential details and keep them safe. 

List Of All The Features Of Mara X1 Smartphone In A Nutshell:

  1. 6.088″ HD+ display 19.5:9 Screen Ratio
  2. 4000mAh battery
  3. 13MP + 2MP + 2MP Rear Camera 
  4. 8MP Front Camera
  5. Helio A20 Quad-core, 1.8GHZ, 12nm
  6. 3GB RAM
  7. 32 GB ROM expandable to 256 GB
  8. Android 10
  9. 4G, Dual SIM, Dual Standby Triple Card Slot
  10. NFC Solid set of multifunctional features
  11. Face ID
  12. Fingerprint Sensor

Buy Mara X1 smartphone in Rwandawhich comes with the latest Android 10 also it’s the best budget smartphone of South Africa in 2020. Also, did we forget to tell you that it comes with the option of three colors? Well, here are three color options: 1. Black & Gold, 2. Red and 3. White. 

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