Mara Phones Z1 With Features, Price And Everything You Want To Know
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Mara Phones Z1 With Features, Price And Everything You Want To Know

| September 08, 2020

Mara Z1 South African Smart Phone

Mara Phones Z1 With Features, Price, And Everything You Want To Know

Mara Phones is a renowned brand, which is known for its exceptional smartphones. The brand has already launched two hit phones until now and is preparing to launch another one. This smartphone goes by the name of Mara Phones Z1 and looks promising. How you may ask? Well, the quality features Mara phones Z1 is offering are top-notch and the best ones in the price range of $279.

Mara Z1 android smartphones made in South Africa.

Let us start with its display first. Mara Phones Z1 comes with a huge 6.517 inches screen with an HD+ display. The phone has a notch design, which is being used by all major and competitive smartphone brands. The phone appears to be very edgy and is convenient to hold and use, even though it comes with a massive screen size. So, watching videos and playing games on this phone would be exciting and appealing.

Such a big screen size with HD resolution means you will be able to see photos in vivid colors. But for that, the smartphone needs to have a superb camera and Mara Phones Z1 does not lack there as well It comes with a 16MP+8MP+2MP triple rear camera, which is suitable for shooting outdoor and indoor photographs. Whether you are clicking pictures in natural light, artificial light, or low light, the photos come out to be crisp, well-defined, and well lit. One can see most of the details clearly and the camera on this phone has performs well. 

For beauteous selfies that look perfect, radiant, and solid, the front camera of Mara Phones Z1 is a 13MP one. It is a beauty camera that gives out gorgeous selfies in any lighting environment. Furthermore, the phone has a 118.8 wide-angle as well as 96MP Superpixel. This means that you fit a wide area in the camera.

Everyone keeps several accounts and bank accounts linked in their phones, which means losing your phone can cost you a lot. This is why having a fingerprint and face ID unlock is important. So, if you ever leave your phone anywhere, no one can open your phone and go through crucial information stored on the phone. While most of the smartphones are coming with fingerprint and face ID unlock, the technology used in Mara Phones Z1 speeds up the process while being accurate. So, the user does not have to wait even for a second to unlock their phone.

Another notable feature of the phone is its long battery life. Mara Phones Z1 is powered by a 4000mAH battery, which is enough for 24+ hours of battery life. So, the user does not have to charge the phone several times a day and only needs to charge it once during the day. If the user does not use the phone heavily, the battery can last for one and a half days too. 

Lastly, this powerful phone comes with the latest Android 10 and Helio A25 Octa-Core processor, which means one can expect seamless performance while using multiple apps at the same time. With such a great combination and 4GM RAM with 64 GB storage expandable up to 256 GB, the user does not have to worry about Mara Phones Z1’s performance and storage at all. 


In brief, Mara Phones Z1 is amongst the best smartphone available. With so many quality features, one can expect fast and seamless performance.

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