Mara Phones Rwanda Deals That Give You Thrills : Mara Z1 | Mara X1
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Mara Phones Rwanda Deals That Give You Thrills

| January 25, 2021

Rwanda Mara Phones Deals That Give You Thrills

Mara Phones Rwanda Deals That Give You Thrills

At Mara Phones, we believe that every phone serves a unique purpose and every person chooses a phone that fulfils their particular requirements. Not all phones can be the same. Each serving a specific purpose of its own, different phones have different identities and are known for their own unique features. 

When it comes to Mara Phones, each Smartphone has its own set of unique features that sets them apart from the other, but at the same time, they fit the requirements of different people easily. We create smartphones with the intention to cater to everyone’s choices. All Mara Phones devices have excellent camera features which allow you to click beautiful pictures in the “Land of a Thousand Hills” with a 96MP Super Pixel camera.

Mara Phones takes customers’ considerations into view and provides deals which help Rwandan to buy the best Smartphone in town. Here is our line-up of smartphones that we would like to introduce.

Mara S – SDG Focused Android Smartphone

Mara Phone is offering great deals that you really shouldn’t be missing out on! Mara S is priced at RWF 59,000 and is a phone which has been designed for everyone. Leaving no one behind is the motto of Mara S that have all the essential requisites of an android phone keeping in mind the resolution, the camera quality, the sound quality and it’s unlimited photo storage. It also has an FM radio feature that helps you discover the latest music.

Mara Z– Android Smartphone Made in Rwanda

The other smartphone in the market. Mara Z which has been priced at RWF 129,000. and comes in three different varieties of colours. It has a 32 GB internal memory and a 3GB RAM that lets you capture the best of your memories at one place. In addition, the Mara Z has a sleek design all you are looking for.

Mara X1– High-Quality Triple Rear Camera Smartphone

Mara X1 is priced at RWF 129,000 which has been built to last longer and is designed beautifully for anyone who has an intention of capturing the best of snaps on their phone and is purchasing the phone keeping the camera quality in mind. Mara X1 has the 13MP+2MP+2MP Triple rear camera with an 8MP selfie camera to capture every moment of your life-long memory. Also, 4000mAh battery is ready to set your new day. 

Mara Z1 – The Boldest, Strongest and Fastest Smartphone 

Mara Z1 is priced at RWF 189,000. The phone defines stronger, bolder and faster in the truest of ways by offering users the NFC system which helps simplify lives on a daily basis. Right from ID Cards, mobile payments, transit, boarding pass and access control to file transfer and E-tickets, this is surely the kind of phone that has it all.

We don’t let our customers just settle for anything when they can have the best! Mara Phones is committed to providing an experience that users shall find enriching. 

If you are looking to upgrade to a new, classy yet convenient smartphone, then check out the Mara Phone’s offers. You can even stop by the Mara Experience Store available at KBC and the Kigali International Airport. For more information, feel free to call on +250 788330005 or you may even have a look at our website:

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