Mara Phones Is Here To Make Your Christmas Special
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Mara Phones Is Here To Make Your Christmas Special!

| December 18, 2020

Mara Phones Is Here To Make Your Christmas Special!

Mara Phones Is Here To Make Your Christmas Special!

Christmas, the most awaited festival of joy and happiness is just around the corner… This custom stems from the exchange of the gifts that took place the day Baby Jesus was born. Three Wise Men that were gifted: Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh and traveled from faraway lands, following the star that led them to Mother Mary and Jesus Christ.

Christmas Specials!! The offer will run for an extended period from the 17th December to midnight of 1st of January 2021.

Keeping this historic tradition alive, people across the world exchanging gifts with family and friends. While what gifts are exchanged may have changed over, the tradition still remains alive.  We at Mara Phones provide you with an opportunity to gift your close friends and family a special gift. So, on this anniversary of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, while the entire world shall be celebrating it by exchanging gifts with their loved ones, we bring forth exciting Smartphones and more exciting prices which you can gift this Christmas.

Mara Phones provides you with not just an exciting range but also exclusive prices. We know that the gift list is usually long. Hence, we decided to provide these phones at special prices. The Mara S, Mara X1, Mara Z1, Mara X, and Mara Z, will all be available at special prices to make your Christmas even more special.  

Before we tell you the exciting prices at which our phones will be available, here’s a little information about each Smartphone to help you make the best choice. 

Mara Z1

The Mara Z1 upgraded its regular night mode to super night mode along with a clear triple-camera to help you get that perfect nightlife image. For those who love clicking pictures, the triple rear camera comes in 16MP + 8MP + 2MP. Plus, the wide-angle camera is 118.8 degrees. This Smartphone is backed by an Helio A25 processor. To top it all, it also comes with an NFC system that was built to make life easier and the Smartphone experience better.

Mara X1

Another Smartphone from Mara Phones, the Mara X1 that is built strong to last long. The triple rear camera is equipped with a 13MP clear sensor that provides crystal clear images. What makes it even better is the Multi-frame Noise Reduction Technology. An affordable Smartphone, this one surely won’t let you down. The Mara X1 Android Smartphone comes with a face ID and rare fingerprint sensor that helps keep all your data extremely safe.

Mara S

The Mara S is another good phone to invest in. It comes with an 18:9 aspect ratio and G+F technology which is an added advantage. With 1G RAM and a 1850mAh battery, this phone is a great value. The Mara S Android Smartphone encompasses the SDG and believes in providing what’s best for wider society. Considering functions and other details, this can be considered as one of the best phones to buy this Christmas deal.

To help you know more about our phones and the prices they will be available at, we have provided a special table below.   

Mara Phones Christmas mobile deals

Mara Phones Christmas mobile deals Rwanda

The tradition of exchanging gifts during Christmas is old but the most loved tradition. In this exchange of joy and happiness, everyone loves to be a part of it. Christmas gifts are more about how much thought and effort has gone into the selection process.

Make the most of these exciting deals now! The offer will run for an extended period from the 17th December to midnight of 1st of January 2021. So what are you waiting for? Choose the phone that’s going to be ideal for you or your loved one and order it now!

Most importantly, Mara Phones wishes you all a very Merry Christmas filled with love,  laughter and peace.

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