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How to Properly Charge Your Phone to Save the Battery?

| June 15, 2020

Save Phone Battery

Charge Your Phone Properly to Save the Battery

Does your phone’s battery seem to worsen over time? Does it seem like the same battery that lasted for a whole day, now struggles to go past the lunchtime?

This is a common problem that many users face. But, the fact is, you might have been changing your phone the wrong way all this time.

It is true that phone batteries degrade over time. So, a five-year-old handset will not give you the same battery backup as a brand-new mobile. But, we can certainly prolong the ability of the phone’s battery to serve us, if we know the right facts about charging it.

With that being said, here’s looking at a few ideas to properly charge your mobiles to save its battery.

Avoid Keeping It Plugged In Once Fully Charged

If you are in the habit of charging your phone overnight, you need to stop. Leaving the mobiles plugged in once they are fully charged causes long-term damage to the batteries.

After a smartphone gets 100% charged, it receives trickle charges to maintain that 100% while it’s plugged in. So, the battery remains at a high-tension and high-stress condition that keeps wearing down its internal chemistry.

Removing the phone from the charging device when it’s fully charged is like relaxing your muscles after vigorous exercise. Imagine how you would feel to workout non-stop for hours.

Fast-charging Will Not Cause Damage To Your Phone

The popular new smartphones like Mara phones support fast-charging and come with turbochargers in the box. These phones come with a special code that is in a chip called the PMIC (Power Management IC). It communicated with your charger to request it to send power at higher voltages.

It’s a wrong notion that fast-charging will harm your phone’s battery. After all, the battery is made to support it. In fact, having something like Mara phones to charge a 50% battery within thirty minutes is a huge relief when you’re in a hurry. The advantage of fast-charging and the convenience of replenishing the batteries quickly before dashing out of the door is undeniable.

The thing to keep in mind here is that the batteries don’t like extreme heat or cold. So, while faster charging will not hurt them, leaving in here and there unmindfully might be damaging. Don’t keep your phone lying around on the beach, in the hot car, out in the snow, or next to an oven.

Avoid Using The Chargers Of Other Phones

A phone should only draw its needed power from the USB chargers. It is best to use the charger that came in the box with your phone because it will have the right rating. 

Maraphones is best compatible with its powerful “Turbo Charger” which comes inside the box to provide the fastest charging performance.

If you really have to resort to a third-party charger, make sure that it’s approved by the manufacturer of your phone. Cheap alternatives might harm the phone, and in fact, there have been multiple reports of cheap chargers catching on fire.

Summing Up

There are multiple misconceptions in people’s minds about charging their phones. While some believe that fast-charging is a bad idea, the other feel that they should only charge a phone when the battery is extremely low. Hopefully, most of those wrong notions have been cleared up now that the ways to properly charge your phone have been highlighted. So, keep these pointers in mind and your phone’s battery will definitely last longer.

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