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How to Clean Your Phone? Disinfect Your Smartphone Every 90 Mins

| April 15, 2020

clean and Disinfect Your Smartphones


How to Clean Your Phone? Disinfect Your Smartphone Every 90 Mins

The spread of the deadly novel coronavirus has brought a never-seen-before situation for the entire world. With over two million confirmed cases all over the world and nearly two lakh reported deaths, the only way to keep ourselves protected in the current situation is to stay indoors and maintain all the regulations of basic hygiene, such as washing hands frequently and avoiding to touch our faces.

But, what about the smartphone that is constantly in your hand during this time that you’re stuck at home? Did you think of the germs that your smartphone screen holds?

Doctors suggest that during these critical times, keeping your phones clean needs to be given priority, as well. Wondering why is that so? Or, how to clean your phones? Read on to find out more about that.


Your Phones Are The Safe Haven For The Germs

Did you know that your phones are said to be ten times dirtier than a toilet seat? While toilet seats at least get a regular cleaning, but sadly, the phone doesn’t. Think about the last time you cleaned the surface of your phone, and you’ll have your answer.

Now, think about a situation: you went grocery shopping last day, and you kept your phone on the counter. You came back home, washed your hands and feet thoroughly, and sat scrolling through your phone. So, basically, you just transferred the germs and bacteria from the phone to your hands.

If on an average day a smartphone can harbor harmful bacteria like E. coli and streptococcus, then you can well imagine what can happen now when the threat of coronavirus is looming large. Thus, disinfecting smartphones is no longer an option, but rather a necessity in the present times.

Ideas to clean and disinfect your phones properly

Coronavirus and other bacteria like that can thrive on surfaces, such as plastics, metal, or glass, and as such, phones are ridden with bacteria. So, should you just avoid touch your brand new Mara phone, and try to keep yourself away from trying out all its cool features?

Relax because there is absolutely no need to do that. It’s just that cleaning your phone needs to be more frequent and methodical now, in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

Your phones will have to be disinfected using an alcohol-based sanitizer. Pour a couple of drops of your sanitizer on a small cotton pad. Rub it gently on the screen on your phone. Move on to the back of the phone and to the buttons, and disinfect those areas, as well.

Ideally, you should repeat this process every ninety minutes to be safe, but it is also okay if you manage to do this at least two times a day. If you are still having to go to the office, try to clean the phone once before leaving for office in the morning, and then again, in the evening after coming back home.

Make sure to not touch your nose, mouth, or eyes after touching your phone. Try to touch the phone less frequently, and if possible, use a Bluetooth device or a phone cover to keep things safe. In fact, try to avoid touching or using others’ phones, if you can, especially if they seem to suffer from some kind of respiratory difficulty or cough and cold.

Summing up

The world is reeling under the impact of the coronavirus crisis, and staying safe is the biggest challenge for everyone at present. The only thing that you can do right now is to maintain social distance, practice the basic rules of hygiene, and finally, disinfect gadgets like smartphones regularly.

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