How Android Go Good at Supporting Applications?
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How Android Go Good at Supporting Applications?

| August 30, 2019

Released in April 2019, the A2 Core features Android Go-edition traps a single front and rear camera (both at 5MP) with 1GB RAM, and 8GB storage. Also contains a 5.0-inch 540×960-pixel display and 2,600mAh battery.

Android Go operating system is designed to optimize smartphones with 512MB to 1 GB of RAM.

Though the very first version of Android Go was designed on Android Orea, the latest series is based on Android Pie. Like any regular versions of Android, it receives updates. And Android Q Go edition is expected in future releases.

  • The best part of Android Go is it consumes less space than the regular Android version. Having this advantage, smartphones get the breathing space to accommodate more media and applications. Therefore, usually, Android Go smartphones hold 8 to 16 GB of storage space.
  • Further, devices that are running using Android Go can open applications 15 percent faster than before. The “data saver” feature is enabled at default mode by Google helps the device consume less mobile data.

Google consistently develops apps and operating systems that enhance better use of the device’s memory. Google Go is among them; it requires up to 50 percent less storage space and performs on low-end hardware.

Following are the listed applications that come with Android Go smartphones:

  • Google Go
  • Google Assistant Go
  • YouTube Go
  • Google Maps Go
  • Gmail Go
  • Gboard Go
  • Google Play Store
  • Chrome
  • Files Go

These applications are faster and slimmer. One can perform most standard things with Assistant Go.

Android Go Play Store

Developing a new operating system and pre-installed applications packages is a good start for Android Go.

Android Go devices can access an exclusive version of Play Store to help users in maintaining the lightweight system that user set out with. The Android Go Play Store provides the same content as regular play store. The storefronts usually support to low-storage devices. It contains the application section which suggests apps specific for Android Go handsets, pointing users in the direction that benefit them the most.

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What’s the objective of Android Go?

The emerging demand for smartphones is on the rise. And, Google assumes other billions of users from the countries having lower purchasing power. The organizations are putting all efforts to provide a new generation of smartphones at an affordable price. It works faster, help reduce data consumptions, and provide more storage.

It allows Google to increase the number of users of its applications and services. The organizations are getting hardware partners on board that floods the market with smartphones. They are affordable with easy to use responsive features.

Android Go is a promising start of Google’s Go initiative that gets you through the to-do list faster by doing less. How?

  • Respond to emails in a tap
  • Schedule meetings without opening your calendar
  • Take notes with your voice
  • Get a nightly rundown of what’s on your list tomorrow

It’s like one gets a couple more hours and a few extra hands. Android Go, also supported by Mara Phones, is efficiently best among Android apps. It is an absolute novice reimagined app which is smart and affordable. What else?

  • More storage
  • Better performance
  • Data saving
  • Security

How is it different? 

  • Saving space, wherever needed

With more storage space and smaller app sizes, it gives more control on how your content is stored. It’s easy to observe the ways Android 9 (Go edition) helps you save.

  • More storage out of the box

It resolves the storage issues, with fewer pre-installed much lighter apps one get 2x more available storage out of the box.

  • Developed to use less

The new applications designed for lighter downloads and updates help in creating more space, significantly enhancing performance. It’s a win, win situation.

  • Files

It is a smart file management app by Google clean (and free up) space with quick suggestions. It enables locating files faster-using filters rather than folders and share files offline at fast speed.

  • It’s a reimagined Google app

It provides fast, smooth smartphone experiences with improvise app features like one can email and get answers, locate directions, play games rapidly than ever before and many more such features.

Designed from the foundation level for new smartphones owners, Google Go makes things easy and user-friendly.  Finding queries and enquiring has become easy now. One can easily find popular queries, websites and apps, images, and gifs at fast speed with minimal effort.

  • Google Assistant Go

It is the first time on smartphones. Now Google Assistant is available with 1 GB or fewer memory smartphones devices. Tell it to do a thing or ask questions. It’s faster, lighter, and it’s ever ready to respond and help spontaneously.

  • Gboard

It does everything to make a keyboard useful. It imbibes entire gamut of communication features like voice typing, auto-correction, multilingual typing, etc., helping one to communicate effectively easy. One can express without barriers now, be it an occasion, celebration, say it with Emojis, GIFs, images, in your language.

Mara Phones supporting Android Go features empowers you with multiple ways than ever before to stay in control of your data, behavior, and expressions. 

Let’s have a glance on its some more potential supporting features offered:

  1. Data Saver: use your data safely as per your convenience.
  2. Peer-to-Peer Sharing: share content from anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Play, Laugh, send video and do other fun without impacting your date
  3. Chrome: it is equipped with a data saver feature. When turned on, it helps you save up to 60% of mobile data via limiting background data.
  4. Security: shielded with key security features as Android 9 with Google Play Protect built-in mobile security features keeping tour apps and data sale, 24/7.
  5. Routine scanning: keep smartphone protected optimizing for low data use such that they do not waste data. It’s routine and around the clock scanning makes protection smarter.
  6. Device finder: in case the device is stolen or lost, the built-in “Find My Device” feature comes in rescue. One can track his or her device, and one has just set a passcode or wipe it clean via simply signing into the Google account from another device.
  7. Offline scanning: such feature scans all installs even when one is offline. It scans entire app installs irrespective where one had downloaded them from, even when one is offline.


Android Go (also known as Android (Go edition)), is a version of Android build to run on entry-level smartphones.

It equips proficiency of three optimized areas: 1) the operating system, 2) Google Play Store, 3) and Google apps. It has been reimagined to provide a better experience on lesser requirements (hardware).

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