New Things You Want To Know About Mara X1 Phones
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Here What New Things You Want To Know About Mara Phones X1

| September 15, 2020

Mara X1 Smartphones in Africa

Here What New Things You Want To Know About Mara Phones X1

Mara Phones has launched a new Mara X1 smartphone, which is Made in Africa. Mara X had been a huge success in the past when it was launched and it seems that X1 will be witnessing even more sales. The pure Android smartphone is going to come with the latest Android 10, which makes this phone even more desirable.

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Apart from attractive and lightweight design, this model comes with 6.088 inches HD+ display and a beautiful notch design. This makes the device look appealing and noticeable. All of the latest smartphones are coming with a notch design to give the device an edgy look, and Mara X1 also features a sleek notch design.

The smartphone has a powerful 4000mAH battery to power its solid Helio A20 Quad-Core processor. With 3GB RAM and 32GB in-built and up to 256 GB expandable storage, a phone needs to have a large battery to sail through the entire day without sinking. With moderate to low usage, you would probably need to charge Mara X1’s 4000 mAH battery every 1.5-2 days.

Furthermore, the phone comes with NFC to offer contactless transitions and seamless interaction with other devices. Another thing to love about the smartphone is its efficient fingerprint and face ID unlock. While most smartphones feature both fingerprint and face recognition, only a few of them work effectively. The technology used in Mara X1 ensures that the user does not have to scan their faces or fingerprints several times before unlocking their devices.

Mara X1 also comes with an excellent feature, which is its AI camera performance also, Mara X1 has a 13MP+2MP+2MP triple rear camera performs exceptionally well. If you are more of a selfie person, you would love Mara X1’s 8MP front camera too. Both cameras capture crisp and bright images even in a dimly lit environment. The pictures are not as grainy and are rather vivid as compared to the ones shot by other smartphones of the same range in similar lighting conditions.

The lenses used in the cameras of Mara X1 are able to capture pictures almost instantly and allow for seamless video shooting. So, the video seems smooth while the pictures are bright and sharp.

From its predecessor Mara X, Mara X1 has latest design, battery life, storage, RAM, screen size with pixel resolution, cameras, connectivity, and comes with the latest operating system – Android 10. What Mara X1 shares from its predecessor are powerful performance, great picture quality, and a valuable features.


Latest Mara X1 is designed with so many advanced features, impressive design, solid performance, amazing battery life, and great camera quality.

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