Do What You Love with the Mara Z1 - Africa's Smartphone
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Do What You Love with the Mara Z1 – Africa’s Smartphone

| October 14, 2020

Latest Android Smart Phones in Durban - South Africa

Do What You Love with the Mara Z1 – Africa’s Smartphone



Smartphones have become necessities, similar to daily essentials. Nowadays, important meetings are conducted on phone, presentations, shopping, and bookings are made on the phone as well. Smartphones feature all technology that helps a person to move around without extra baggage.

Hence, it is necessary to carry a good smartphone like Mara Phones. It has launched three models recently – Mara Z1, Mara X1 and Mara S. The qualities of all are top-notch making Mara Phones Z1 Android Smartphone one of the best budget smartphones of South Africa in 2020.

Basic Features – Calling and Clock

Mara Phones gives neat space to store all your contacts and even the message feature comes with vibration alert. It has a caller ID which will help the buyer recognize whose message he/she has received. 

The smartphone clock includes three types of clocks – Alarm Clock, World Clock, and the regular Clock. You will also get a Countdown Timer and a Chronometer along with the regular clock. It also possesses a motion Sensor and an Accelerometer to measure forces of gravity. 

Camera – New Age Necessity

Initially, people used to carry heavy cameras like SLR and DSLR to the places which they wanted to capture. Once the pictures were taken, they were transferred to a computer/laptop to clean them and remove all the dirt. Once they were uploaded – worthy, then a person could showcase it to the public.

Mara Z1 does it all within the span of span of a few minutes only. It comes with a 16MP+8MP+2MP triple rear camera, which is perfect for shooting inside as well as outside the house. No matter what kind of light arrangement  you have – natural light, night mode, artificial light, or low light the photos come out to be sharp, crisp, and bright. The phone has 118.8 wide-angle and 96MP super pixel which will work as a wonder for photography – lovers.

Furthermore, for the beauty queens and handsome hunks, there is a beauteous selfie front camera of 13MP that provides perfect, radiant, and solid images in every kind of lighting.

Confidential Information

Now – a – days, people are used to linking several bank accounts and other personal details with their devices. The phones have all the confidential and important details which could create a problem if leaked. Thus, Mara Z1 is a Fingerprint and Face Recognition Smartphone which will not allow any unknown person to go beyond the lock screen. He/she will not be able to unlock your phone and have the access to your intimate details.

Battery Life

One of the notable features of the phone is its long battery life. This phone is powered by a 4000mAH battery, Dawn to Dusk! Automatically switch to Low Power Mode when power is lower than 15%.


At times, the process may take longer to unlock the phone. The reason could be the slow processor. This powerful phone comes with the latest Android 10 and Helio A25 Octa-Core processor, which is one of the fastest mobile processors to smoothen the usage of the phone. You can experience the seamless performance. With such a great combination and 4GM RAM with 64 GB storage expandable up to 256 GB, there is no stoppage in the velvety performance and storage.


Mara Z1 comes with a huge screen of 6.517 inches of an HD+ Notch Screen Display. The phone is easy to hold in hands and easy to use with no extra – care required. It comes with a huge screen for the people who are fond of watching TV, videos and playing games. It is an exciting device for the people who love to listen to music, prepare the presentation, shoot videos, and be active on social media platforms. This phone is for all those who are fond of writing as it comes with a big display screen.

Buy this African Smartphone with exceptional features at the most affordable price range.

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