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Best Value Smartphone Africa

By Maraphones | May 22, 2019

A smartphone is an essentiality for everyone because it connects you to all your friends, your family, and your colleagues at work. It keeps track of your emails and messages and helps you shop online without any hassles. But, there are hundreds of phones and thousands of companies bringing out smartphones each day. How do we know which one is the best? It is simple, choose the phone with Android One OS, then you will not go wrong.

A superior OS for the phone

The Operating System (OS) determines how good the phone is and allows you to make additions such as apps to help you operate the phone better. The Android One is the best OS because it is backed by Google and is an effort by Google to keep the Operating Systems on its new phones standardized. It has promised to keep the software updated for another three years. Since Google is supplying the updates, one doesn’t have to worry because the software will be always up to date. They will also keep you posted on security updates so your phone is always safe.

The Android One phones come with a host of inbuilt features such as Google Assistant, Google Photos, and much more. So, now it is time to select your smartphone – which one is it going to be? Obviously, it is better to choose one of the latest smartphone companies that put out the latest version of Android One, Mara Phone. Mara Phone is a new African company, bringing out two variants of the smartphone for the international market. These phones have advanced features such as fingerprint unlocking and facial recognition, adding one more layer of security to the phone. The two phones are Mara X and Mara Z.

A cheap and good smartphone

Mara X is one of the best smartphones in Africa that one could buy. The primary reason is that it is cheap. It is available for $139 but it has all features of modern smartphones including a high-speed 64-bit Quad-core processor and uses the latest version of Android One namely Oreo 8.1 Go Edition. It is the latest version of Android after Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop. Since it is the latest version, you are safe because it will not go out of date. It gives a swift user experience because the Go Edition makes apps load and work faster.

Mara X has good memory space of 16GB internal memory and 1GB RAM memory. With intuitive apps and only the most essential apps loaded, the OS works lightning fast. The Google Assistant Go can perform a variety of tasks through voice command like turning on your smart television or opening the garage door. Get directions to wherever you want to go, without touching the phone. It will play music through a compatible smart device. Also, set reminders with the voice command. It makes life easier. The best thing is that it is not limited to Google related devices like the Google Home. On a comparative scale, Siri is better than Cortana and Alexa but Google Assistant is better than Siri. This was confirmed through a practical test for all four of them covering a range of 800 questions.

Use your Google Assistant

Your Mara X phone will have Google Assistant and there is unlimited storage for your photos with Google Photos. All you need to start Google Assistant is to say, “Okay, Google.” So, if you want one of the best smartphones in Africa, be sure to choose Mara X. It comes with two cameras, one 13MP rear-facing camera, and a 5MP selfie camera. You can set the Bokeh effect in portrait mode so your pictures will look professional. Since you have Google Photos, the photos will be uploaded there and you can access it from any other device at any place.

The Google Go Apps occupy 50% lesser space and operate faster. It also has the Google Play Store that allows you to download apps and games for the Android platform. There was an update recently that allows the Files Go app to manage memory storage using a microSD card. You have to install the update from Google first. Then, open the app and you will be able to use the microSD card to store your files. If your device is compatible, it will show the space available on the top of the page.

Manage storage and files effortlessly

You can transfer files without the internet to nearby devices using the File Viewer. In this section, you will see the Files tab. It gives you the File Manager view. Here you will find all the files received, download, documents, audio, video, images, and apps. When you receive files, the Files Go app scans your device. It then adds the files on top. You are free to delete or add files. Or, you may back up the files to Google Drive or Dropbox and delete the files to free up space on your device. All this makes Mara X one of the best value smartphone Africa has right now.

The display is clear due to the damage-resistant 5.5-inch Corning Gorilla Glass cover with a screen resolution of 720 x 1400 pixels. The view is 18:9. It gives you a good, rich cinematic experience due to its 5+1 Dolby Sound System. The powerful sound gives you a good listening experience. There are preinstalled apps in Mara X. One is Thrive Away and the other is Mentors. Thrive Away is an app that allows you to set the limits for the apps on your phone and blocks apps once the limit is reached. Mentors are an app for new start-ups where you get video coaching and you can browse peer coaching and buddy programs.

You also get regular Google apps like Google Mail, Google Maps, and YouTube Go. These make the phone complete for a normal user. It is a wonderful phone for gaming and for connecting to your friends through social media apps.

All said this; the high-quality highly affordable smartphone is for everyone who wants the latest from the best phone manufacturers.

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