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Best Smartphones 2019 Under $250

By Maraphones | May 29, 2019

There is nothing more important to us today than a phone. Everyone needs a smartphone because it has so many features and it proves very useful for every day dealing like shopping or for identification. In fact, one without a smartphone is living in the old world, without the proper means for survival in today’s world. Here a breakup of the top smartphones on the market today from Mara Phones.

Two offerings from Mara Phones

Mara Phones is a top African company that has brought out two variants Mara X and Mara Z, both in the sub-$250 range. The Mara X costs $139 while the Mara Z is just below the limit at $199. The wonderful thing about these phones is that they both have a fingerprint scanner and facial recognition features. It improves the security of the phone and helps prevent unwanted tampering with your phone.

While they both have a 13MP rear camera, the selfie camera makes the difference. Mara X has a 5MP front-facing camera while Mara Z has a 13MP camera. So, those who want a better selfie-camera will opt for the Mara Z. The memory space is also better in the Mara Z with 3GB RAM memory and 32GB internal memory. Mara X has 1GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. These are the best Android smartphones 2019 and are being offered to a worldwide audience by the African company.

One may use the camera in a variety of formats such as HDR and PDAF. It has one-touch focus with pictures you capture in Portrait mode. Besides this, you also have the Night Mode and Beauty Mode in both cameras. Mara X offers an additional Panorama Mode for landscape photography. The Mara Z had auto HDR and dual recording facilities. One may improve picture quality through Temporal Noise Reduction. There is also the Slow Motion picture recording facility in the Mara Z phone.

The display is slightly bigger for the Mara Z at 5.7 inches while it is only 5.5 inches for the Mara X. Mara Z is an Android One phone meaning your phone will get regular updates for software from Google. They will also get the security fixes for another two years at least by an assurance from Google. But, the best part is that they come with a full range of Google apps such as Google Photos, Google Maps, Gmail, and more. It has HD+ Corning Gorilla Glass Display that allows crystal clear viewing.

The Mara X has a high-speed MediaTek MT6739 Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 1.5GHz processor while the Mara Z has a Qualcomm MSM8940 Snapdragon 435 Octa Core ARM Cortex A53 1.4GHz processor. We have smooth screen transitions and the display doesn’t lag because of the speed.

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It is one of the top Android phones South Africa has right now and it comes with all the standard features of Android phones like a Contact List and Messages Box. It has a Caller ID to show who is calling you and you can turn on Vibrating Alert so you will not miss any important phone call. Then, there is the Countdown Timer to help you set the time to the next event (or time the ongoing event). You also have an Alarm Clock and a World Clock.

It has features like Accelerometer and Motion Sensor to help with the handling of your phone.  There are three more sensors – Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, and the Magnetic Sensor. In the Mara-Z one also has the e-Compass.

For the storage and entertainment facility, there are good options. On Mara c, one sees MobilTV, Facebook Video, and YouTube Video. You can download and play games or download and use apps from the Google Play Store. Then, there is the Google Drive to store all your files and backup your computer. In addition to it, you also have the Music Library where you store all your music files. It plays eAAC+, WAV, and MP3 formats while you can record in AMR, 3GP, and OGG formats.

One of its strong features is the Google Assistant that we use by saying, “Ok, Google!” So, you can operate the phone by talking to it. You can get weather updates and play music by using voice commands. It has Li-Po batteries that have 3500 mAh rating in the Mara X and 3050 mAh rating in the Mara Z. The Operating System is Oreo 8.0 Android in the Mara Z and Android Oreo 8.1 in the Mara X. It is the latest OS in the Android series with only Android Pie being newer than this. So, you have the latest version of the operating system on the phone.

As far as the apps go, the Mara X has the Google Assistant, Mara Mentor, and Google Go. Using the Mara Mentor, budding entrepreneurs can connect with an online community of leaders in the business field who will give tips and help them grow their business. It will help them gain an insight into the industry and thereby get a foothold in their line of business. Google Go provides an easy and faster way to search. It consumes lesser data, is reliable, and you get answers quickly. It works well even on smartphones with less memory space and also with slow connections.

On the Mara Z, you have Keep, Hangouts, and Sensor Test Tool. You can use the Sensor Test Tool to check the capability of sensors such as Proximity Sensor, Magnetic Sensor, Light Sensor, and Motion Sensor. The GPS Satellite connection helps you get precise positions using satellite tracking. This helps you print the location of your photos and use the GPS location tracking to plan your trips.

So, you find something more than what you would in an average smartphone. There is no bloatware in these phones. Bloatware is those apps that come pre-installed that you cannot delete. And, what is more, the world’s first African smartphone has special things like the fingerprint scanner to offer that make it special for a reasonable sub-$250 prices.

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