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Best Budget Smartphone In 2019

By Maraphones | March 07, 2019

Varied assortments of smartphones are available worldwide, and it might become a pressing matter when it comes to affordability and choosing the right one. Usually, your choice will boil down to things which matter the most to you when it comes to smartphone utility.

What does a user look for in a smartphone?

Put simply, this choice is highly subjective, and it depends on user to user and how they intend to utilize their device. There will be individuals, who have to constantly stay updated about work from presentations, documents and more; for them, battery life is the priority. There will also be individuals, who want to take pictures at every instance and update their social media; it is a key part of who they are and for them, the camera on any smartphone is perhaps the most important feature.  For certain users, their usage of the device might primarily be to watch movies, videos, and play games; for such individuals, the prime feature of the device should be the display and the high-quality sound system.

The other type of user could be a power user, one who would perform all actions on their smartphone, thus requiring a good SoC, RAM, and more. Yet when you are looking for the ideal smartphone, you might find limitations on each and every device, so what do you do? You keep a strict budget and stick to finding the key features of the device available in at that price point. When it comes to budget devices, you will still be spoilt for choice. Today, brands compete fiercely amongst each other, by stuffing phones to the gills even at such a low price point. A budget phone may be a good camera phone, multimedia device, endurance champ and even all of these put together. Still choosing the right one can be subjective; yet when you look at a phone such as the Mara X, it simply has everything you would ever need. Here we look at a detailed breakdown of the phone offers, its features, and some of its more prolific advantages:

HD Display

With the best in the class 5.5inch display that packs in a dense 720 by 1440 pixels per inch, you are sure to have an immersive experience when viewing content. Be it watching movies, looking through your Instagram feed, or even reading up important documents, there will be zero loss in definition and quality. This device also comes with the industry standard 18:9 aspect ratio, allowing you to view content and enjoy your device in the best possible resolution. The device uses an LCD display, which is uncompromising in quality and offers the best viewing angles. The device also comes covered in Corning’s Gorilla Glass, which makes sure the device is drop resistant.

Powered by Google

The phone is powered by Android, and you will get the best of the world of Google, with features such as Google photos, which allows you to store unlimited photos and videos. There is no worry of space as with Google Photos; you can simply upload it to your drive where you get unlimited storage. You also get a whole host of Google’s software built in. The array of software features from Google allows you to have the most unfiltered experience on your Mara X device.

Dolby Surround Sound

With a surround sound experience powered by Dolby Digital, you can be sure to enjoy all kinds of content. Playing games, watching movies or listening to music, anything that has to do with sound and you get the very best with Dolby and the Mara X. This means immersive content on the go, whatever it is that you do and involves the usage of speakers.

Android Go

With Mara X running Android, you are sure to get the best out of your everyday usage. Android Go uses the smallest possible files of android for the smoothest experience, thus allowing you to work uninterrupted. You also get a Go version of the app store that lets you download applications of a smaller size, thus you save on space and increase the speed of your device. The streamlined version of Android, the Go does not mean you miss out on the features and updates. Google ensures that all devices under the program get regular updates.

Superfast Quad-core

Powered by MediaTek’s 64-bit quad core processor, along with 1 gigabyte of RAM, your phone will run smoother than ever. The software itself helps lower the usage of ram on your device; hence, you can enjoy all the content and gaming experience, without suffering any stutter or lag; all of this on a budget. The SoC is powerful enough to run multiple applications at once and combine that with the low storage software, you will enjoy a stutter-free experience with your Mara X.

Fingerprint Scanner

For added support and security, you get an inbuilt fingerprint scanner, which unlocks the device in a matter of microseconds. There is also the benefit of facial recognition, which takes less than a second to unlock your device. It also allows you to run applications such as Google Pay, which requires added security support. The benefit is that nobody will be able to unlock your device as it will only work through your fingerprint.

The Mara X also comes with 13MP cameras and 5MP cameras, which allow you to take the best photos and videos in the price range. It comes with modes and features such as night mode, panorama mode, beauty mode, and more enhancements. There is also the Mara Z, which is priced higher than the X and features more power and punch. If you are on the lookout for a budget device that fits your entire criterion, the Mara X is the device. It is simply the best package, a good display, good processor, smooth software experience and stellar camera functionality. The Mara X contains all and more, so you are never left wanting for more.

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