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Best Budget Smartphone in South Africa 2020

| December 30, 2019

Best Budget smartphone


Whether a classy-choosy buyer or a mid-range budget referrer, finding the ideal choice of a smartphone has become imperative as it is the only handy companion and the search ends at Mara Phones, the best budget Smartphone South Africa 2020

As high-end featured smartphones have an upward trajectory on pricing patterns, Mara Phones are the only budget smartphone Made in South Africa.


Though the higher-end Android phones take over the advertising zone, they aren’t simply affordable. Despite the fact of affordability, the users also factored most of the regular activities of the android phone usage while buying. Making and receiving calls, internet and application access are polled to be the highest factors, which are the well-equipped and super performers in Mara Smartphones, and what else can be expected. The two products Mara X and Mara Z are the budget android phone South Africa, brilliantly designed with elegance, HD Corning® Gorilla® Glass Screen finish and grippy.



Powerful phones always come with crystal clear high definition display. Mara Phones, the best smartphones in South Africa are known for their impressive high definition display with 18:9 aspect ratio as most of the best models possess. Watching videos and social media is quite a delight with Mara phones as it is backed with 720 by 1440 pixels per inch. Not only videos, but we also need a cool resolution and apt colour display for reading documents and using office applications. The liquid crystal display of Mara Smartphones in Africa helps in experiencing an overall smartness in phones.


Speedy Quad-core processor :

Like an ace athlete running over the track, the affordable android smartphone in south Africa – Mara Phones run faster than ever with its MediaTek 64-bit quad-core processor. Opening multiple applications and accessing is easier with Mara Phones without any stammering. The gaming experience is carried out effortlessly with these smartphones in Africa, as it is backed by 1 GB random access memory void of any stutters while playing.


Fingerprint Sensor:

As technology grows, the threat of stealing information also grows. A smartphone user will not allow anyone to access his mobile phone easily. To add security cover, Mara Smartphone Made in Africa comes with a fingerprint scanner and face recognition technology to safeguard the privacy of the user. Customers can use even financial apps such as Google pay without any fear as a fingerprint scanner can be utilized unlocking the mobile. Facial recognition is done lesser than a few seconds even in dim light so that the user can stay safe simply relying upon Mara Phones when it comes to security threats.


Android Go :

Through this budget Smartphone, South Africa 2020 one can also get the GO version of Android i.e., Android GO in the app store for uninterrupted surfing. The GO version eases the memory and storage of the phone as it gives the same experience as the bigger one, Android along with Mara Phones ensures users do not miss any updates.


It is interesting to note that though the mobile giants offer adequate features and specifications, the best smartphones in south Africa-Mara Phones are being in high demand among the users. This feature-rich device boasts for its speedy performance and enhanced memory storage that sets itself apart from other brands. These gems will surely tickle the selfie lovers with its gorgeous images. The 13MP rear and front camera of Mara Z are trusty with a snap of sharp and brightness which deserves more attention when shared.

The spirit of buying the budget Smartphone in the market among plenty of choices, Mara Phones are the great pick in terms of budget, amazing performance, power efficiency, and hence the expected all best features available in one sleeky- stylish mobile.

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