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Best Affordable Android Phones 2020

| December 22, 2019

Best Affordable smartphone


Looking for a new Android phone in the market, take a breath to know the options of Mara Phones which are overwhelming. As they are the best affordable android phone 2020, the choice may probably be the difficult in selecting the two variant Mara X or Mara Z phone. Mara Phones, product of African company offers the best user experience across many models with a lot of standard features at affordable prices.

Pay Less for exorbitant features, Mara X

No matter your expectations on smartphones at any price range, Maraphones are the best pick ever without any deliberation. when you think of a phone with great features and a beautiful display in a single device, Mara X is simply the ideal choice. Mara X encompassed an HD display in a dense 720 by 1440 pixels per inch providing an incredible viewing experience.

As well, the security aspects becoming the more essential need, Mara X supports the security purpose with an in-built fingerprint scanner and adds the advantage which unlocks the device in microseconds.
Mara Phones, the premium affordable android phone emerged to be one of the leading and strongest players in the smartphone market. With a firm hold in the price segment of the best android phone 2020, the brand offers prime features like Accelerometer, motion sensor, Android Oreo 8.1 operating system, security facet, and more storage and entertainment options.

Mara X has 16GB memory with 1GB RAM ensures good space for storage of files and apps. The removable 3500mAH battery is more powerful. Thus, we provide fresh and high-end new affordable phones 2020 with great performance that guarantees a seamless customer experience.

Best android phone 2020, Mara Z

These Mara Phones are available online to a global market to cater to the requirements of huge customers who prefer to buy smartphones online. The best android phones to satisfy the customer’s needs at inexpensive prices with overall great features and updated specifications. Mara Z is another variant of the African best smartphone with the best price, being one of the big reasons to buy in the international market.

The photo quality in Mara Z phone is well-known for its excellence with 13 MP rear and front camera, thus for those selfie crazies, Mara Z is the perfect choice to buy the best android phone 2020.

Mara Z strikes a winning blow with its amazing price against the competitive costly android market by offering the most critical features of special fingerprint reader, facial recognition, camera quality, 32 GB memory space, 3GB RAM space and a great Android OS experience with a absence of bloatware— in a device with great functioning for user’s experience that costs less.

The display quality, edge design, long battery life duration, super-fast performance of Mara X and Mara Z smartphone are the only best affordable android phone 2020 that are worthy of your consideration.
It is very common for many brands to boast their new devices as the world covers a digital climate, but Mara Phones are the real-time performer at all means.

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