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Android Versions and Their Differences in Latest Releases

| March 04, 2020

Android Versions and Their Differences in Latest Releases

Android Versions and their differences


Android has been one of the prominent operating systems in smartphones, and the history of Android can be traced back to 2003. Since then, there have been many versions of Android that worked to provide users with more advanced features and optimize the user experience. In this blog, we will be discussing some prominent and latest Android versions and their differences.

Android 11

Android 11 is still at its inception stage, but it has already managed to create a history of being the earliest developer preview. On February 19th, 2020, Google announced the Android 11 preview and surprised the tech community with its early arrival. It gave a broad glimpse of themes and adjustments that can be expected from the final version. Its privacy is the prominent feature wherein the permission system that was introduced in Android 10 would be expanded.

Android 10

Android version 10 was launched in September 2019. A unique thing about this version was that it was only known by its number and ditched the standard dessert-themed moniker. This is the version, which is embedded in the latest smartphones and is also making its way to older phones across the globe. It extended a completely new interface focusing on Android gestures. It focused on the swipe-driven approach to facilitate system navigation. Contrary to the previous Pie version, this version provided three-button navigation for all phones.

Android 9 – Pie

The Android 9, also known as Android Pie, was launched in August 2018. The most significant change that its version brought was the button navigation system or the hybrid gesture feature. This version replaced the Home, Back, and Overview keys with one multifunctional home button along with a small back button. There were some great features in this version as well, such as the new dashboard in digital wellbeing control, suggested reply for messaging, smarter power and brightness management, etc.

Android 8 – Oreo

The launch of Oreo 8 brought an array of excellent features, including an option for notification snoozing, native picture-in-picture mode, and different notification channels that allowed users to have better control over the app notifications. This version of Android was introduced in the year 2017 that added to Google’s objective of matching Chrome OS and Android in order to optimize the users’ experience while using Android apps on Chromebooks. It was the first-ever version of Android that featured Project Treble.

Android 7 – Nougat

Google released Nougat in the year 2016 featuring the native split-screen mode. It also offered a new bundled-by-app system that enabled users to organize notifications and data saving. This version added smaller but important features to enhance the user experience. However, the most notable introduction in this version was Google Assistance. It has become a prominent feature of Android and is featured in almost all phones today.

Android 6 – Marshmallow

Marshmallow was released in the year 2015. The most popular element of this version was the Now On Tap- screen search feature.  It also introduced adopted storage wherein the system did not treat the memory card as separate instead calculated into the overall storage of the smartphone. This version also saw the introduction of Type-C, which is faster and better and now being used in the majority of smartphones.

These are among the latest Android versions we have seen over the last few years. If you are looking for a reliable Android phone with the latest version, then you should opt for Mara Phones. These smartphones are created in association with Google’s Android One Program, making it a straightforward, secure, and updated choice.


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