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Android Smartphones to Bring Revolution in Mobile Gaming

| February 10, 2020

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There were times when it was believed that mobiles will always come second to consoles and PCs, as far as gaming is concerned. However, in the past twenty years, mobile gaming has seen somewhat of a revolution.

It has gone from those twinkling pixels of the game ‘Snake’ to complete virtual worlds that engage thousands all over the world. Mobile game companies have transformed into multi-million dollar enterprises in the process, and Android has had a huge role to play in it.

The Android smartphones have brought in a kind of revolution in mobile gaming, and here’s a brief overview of how it has done it.


The wide variety of gaming apps

Google Play Store has more than 2.6 million apps that you can take your pick from when you are using your Android phone for gaming. Android is open source, and Google doesn’t have stringent policies to accept the games on the Play Store.

Moreover, users can also access the third party app stores, like Amazon App store through the Play Store. They can sideload the apps by manually inserting .apk. Also, the Play Store has more number of gaming apps compared to Apple store, which means you have more options to choose as the developers get the freedom to deliver the games they want.


The options to customize

The gaming smartphone of Android are known for being customizable. With an open source network, Android gives programmers and users a degree of freedom that lets them mold the game into something that they really want to see.

Surely, there are some OEMs that might come with less flexibility in the system, but once you download a good launcher, even that issue goes out of the window. The effortlessness of the Android experience in gaming has been instrumental in bringing the mobile gaming revolution.


The price point to consider

The main reason why Android gaming gets all the love is because the Android phones are super affordable. An avid gamer cannot just go and buy a hugely expensive phone, but an affordable Android phone will not hurt his budget. Besides, he will also get more free games on Android than Apple.


The variety of the Android phones

Even the most affordable Android smartphones come with so much variety in their designs that it is commendable. You might say that the phones look alike to a great extent, but the OEMs are different, which means there is always a unique software or hardware feature on offer.

So, Android wins in the eyes of the gamers because they fall on the side of the price spectrum that pleases all, and the features that are improved and introduced each year work wonderfully to incorporate the new and better versions of games.

Android is the obvious choice for the programmers and users alike who are into gaming. With the price range of it and the number of features it has on offer, it is a force to reckon with in terms of bringing the gaming revolution to your fingertips.

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