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10 Things to Check Before Buying a New Android Phone

| December 13, 2019

10 thing to check for smartphone

We often get confused with sheer number of choices on android phones in this highly competitive market. Hence deciding the right smartphone considering the price, features, and suitability, becomes a tiresome experience. Just consider and pay attention to main ten factors that will benefit your decision-making to a great extent before buying new android phone.

Battery Life

Though the usage of the android phone differs, the battery life is considered to be one of the most significant factors to buy smartphone as it needs to be alive enough to use for a long day. Mara Phones, developed by African company offers the powerful 3500mAh removable battery which tends to remain long-lasting even for heavy mobile online users.

Fast charging

The mechanism of special chargers that works on a fast-charging battery is much appreciated among the buyers as it can charge the battery half-cent percentage in few minutes.

Storage Memory

Most of the smartphones with great features do end up with little storage onboard. As pictures and apps can avail a lot of space, choosing the right android phone with enough space will be a wise decision, just like Mara X and Mara Z phone with sufficient memory and RAM space allocation. Mara smartphones Mara X has 1GB RAM and 16GB memory, whereas Mara Z has 3GB RAM and 32GB memory, thus offering the customers the best choice at buying new android phone.


A high-quality image in the rear and front-end camera is common inexpensive smartphones. Mara Phones are contradictory to this, they are affordable smartphones with 13MP rear cameras including autofocus features. The Bokeh effect allows the photo to be more special with good quality.

Latest Operating system

All smartphones are functioning on Android operating system, but it is essential to review the version which is installed and ensure the phone is updated with latest android OS. Mara X phone and Mara Z phone has a superior operating system that guarantees the great functioning of the device.


The size of the smartphone screen and resolution choices depends upon the usage. For any kind of user, a display ranging from 5.5 to 6 inches would be the perfect option as it provides the best watching or working experience with the smartphone. Mara Phones come with 5.5 inch display with best quality and standards and more vitally easy to handle.

Protective covering

The display screen is well protected with a covering to get devoid of scratches and fissures, also provides a grip on the phones. Mara Phones are well covered with HD Corning® Gorilla® Glass protective covering at the most reasonable prices.

Security Aspects

Nowadays, smartphones have the most advanced security features. Mara Z and Mara X phone have fingerprint scanning and facial recognition technology advancements and ensure great protection for the android phones.

Quality Processor

As the processor is known to be the brain of the device, the efficacy of the performance and quality is to be well checked before buying a smartphone. Mara Phones are equipped with latest processor and thus perform well.

Cost of the Smartphones

When it comes to cost, it varies greatly with different brands. If you are looking with all the enhanced and latest features at affordable cost, Mara Phones are the best.

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