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Keep the Memory
of Instant

Combining a 16MP+8MP+2MP triple rear camera setup, respective taking for main shots, wide-Angle, and depth blur, make you a professional photographer. Restore the clearest details of your life.

Triple Rear Cameras

Combining a 16MP+8MP+2MP triple rear camera setup, making you a professional photographer.

  • Triple Rear Camera -
    16MP + 8MP + 2MP
  • 2MP Camera with
    depth of field lens
  • 118.8° wide Angle Camera

Eye spy with my little eye

Create a scene of choice with AI integration

  • Backlight
  • Bluesky
  • Portrait
  • Sunset
  • Night
  • Urban
  • Landscape
  • Greenery
  • Beach
  • Food

Lights out!
Super Night Mode on…

Z1 upgrade regular night mode to super night mode, by using advanced algorithms match with clear triple camera, to optimize the algorithms and parameter to fill in light and reduce noise. Help you resort the excellent night scenery, better than ever

Simplify your life

With the NFC system

Dark Mode

Pleasing to the Eye

"Leave no one behind" is the motto of the Sustainable Development Goals. It is also the guiding principle for our work towards an inclusive society…