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Top Smartphones on Google’s OS One Android

Maraphones | March 15, 2019

Beginning a new chapter in Africa, the latest smartphone company Mara Phones has set the ball rolling for customers to find a new means of communication – the Mara Z. We have launched this high-quality, affordable, high-performance device for the African customer. It has all the innovative features one finds in comparable smartphones and some more besides. Here, we outline some of the innovative features you will see in this quality phone.

The Android One Operating System

Android One is the unchanged version of the basic operating system by Google. This means that the companies that make the phones cannot alter the system. Google has promised updates for the next two years for this OS. Mara Z is an Android One phone meaning its OS will remain updated by Google for another two years at least.

The extras you get under the Android One Program from Google include the fantastic Google Assistant to tell you which is what, when you are at a loss or unsure of the right approach. You get to customize the phone to your preference. And, you get free unlimited storage for your videos and pictures. When you use the latest version of the Android, you will get software that has an auto-adjust facility to accommodate your needs.

Beautiful Pictures and Storage Facility

More than half the thrill when you buy android mobile comes from clicking pictures. Mara Z has two cameras of 13 MP each to give you perfect pictures. This means your selfies will have the same high quality as those pictures you take with your rear camera. It produces the Bokeh Effect which enhances your pictures! Using the HDR option, you get crystal clear pictures no matter what the situation is. You can edit with Face Beautifying to get a special effect in your photos.

Backed by Google, you have Google Photos that allows you to store an unlimited number of photographs and videos. Instantly uploading the pictures, you can access them from any device in any place.

Display Screen and Physical Protection for the Phone

It has an outer screen of Corning Gorilla Glass, toughened to withstand the hardest knocks. It is damage resistant and gives you crystal clear viewing. The Ultra HD display is 5.7” across with an aspect ratio of 18:9. The screen resolution is 720 x 1440 pixels, giving you pictures of the finest quality.

Outstanding Sound System

The 5+1 Dolby sound system enhances your experience with clear sounds and distinct voices, an all round pleasurable experience The Mara Z has Dolby Audio 5.1, the latest version for an improved listening experience. It has 5 audio channels along with one subwoofer channel. All home theatre systems and DVDs are recorded using Dolby Audio 5.1 encoding technologies.

Brilliant Octa-core Processor

The Mara Z has a 64-bit Octa-core processor that is fast and has 3 GB RAM memory along with 32 GB internal memory. The performance is enhanced due to the presence of the Snapdragon 435 processor that gives you lightning fast functioning. It gives you downlink speeds of 300 Mbps and uplink speeds of 150 Mbps.

Enjoy Your Pre-installed Apps

First, you have the Mara Mentor, an app for both the mobile and desktop to empower budding entrepreneurs. It helps young men and women achieve their business ambitions by interconnecting them to the people who matter in the business world. This online community incorporates successful business leaders from whom one may get practical hints and develop approaches to suit their business.

Next, you have the Thrive Away app from Thrive Global and it helps you keep control of your technology. You can set the limits to all your interactions. The main features are Auto Reply, Thrive Mode, and set screen time goals. Using Thrive Mode, one may block all notifications, apps, texts, and calls. Texts and calls from people on your VIP List will always come through.

Use the Auto Reply option to let the caller know that you will not be answering the phone and when they may expect to hear from you. App Control monitors your app usage and lets you set limits for app usage.

Other Pre-installed Apps

The other pre-installed apps include Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Photos. You get a better experience with these apps because they are pre-installed and include Google support. For the new phone users, Google Maps is a wonderful tool that helps you locate places around you and navigate new surroundings. You will be able to see where you are in the real-time map so you can drive to your destination effortlessly. This is one of the best things when you buy Android smartphones. You can use them to get directions, estimate distances, and plan your trip.

And, everyone knows about Gmail. It is the standard mail sending and receiving app that almost all people use.. Along with Gmail, YouTube is a big player on the internet. This is the video channel that allows users to upload and see videos. While there is no charge for using this channel, you have to follow some steps if you want to monetize your videos. This is a good source of money and so it is worth the effort. And, you can store all your photos and videos in Google Photos.

The facial recognition and fingerprint sensor features are amazing features, you only need to look at the phone and it will recognize you and to unlock your screen, use your fingerprint.