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About Us

Mara is a young and dynamic African group with operations in banking, real estate, infrastructure, and technology.

Mara Corporation

Established in 1996, Mara has been active on the continent for over two decades. It has grown from a small computer hardware trading firm in East Africa to a multi-sector group with investments and operations in 25 countries across the African continent.

Mara’s growth has been driven by selectively partnering with multinationals and individuals with subject matter expertise – thus combining global best practices with Mara’s local knowledge and operational know-how.

Mara is not just a business, it is a business with purpose. Mara is committed to making a difference in the lives of Africans and communities worldwide, anchored by its values of doing good while doing well.

Mara is a firm believer that it is time for African businesses to go global – and Mara is well positioned to lead the way. The continent is experiencing an extraordinary period of rapid economic growth driven by relative political stability, enhanced regional integration, strong global commodity prices and favourable demographics.